Back Where I Come From, Day 19

“Well in the town where I was raised,
the clock ticked and the cattle grazed
Time passed with amazing grace,
Back where I come from”

So starts the song that inspired Suzanne McClendon for this September’s challenge. It has been a journey back to childhood, both heart-breaking and soul-affirming. It has been a reminder of both good and bad, silly and stoic. It is Back Where I Come From.

Day 19: Did you have any pets in your childhood home? If so, please tell me about them. If you have a photograph of any of your childhood pets, please share.

Our first pets were a couple of guinea pigs that soon morphed into a basement full of them. We somehow managed to talk Mother into letting us spend our savings on two little ones, and were assured by the fellow at the farm supply that they “was both the same”. I remember my Mother muttering under her breath “WERE both the same”.  Cindy was mine, and Tommy was my brother’s.  Cindy started out as Marvin but within a three or four week time period, we discovered he wasn’t and she was….thus the name change.

We had numerous dogs, for a few days we were owners of two kittens (until Mother found them), enormous numbers of guinea pigs and I had a parakeet (Budgie) named Patsy.  I taught Patsy to sit on my shoulder and stay there.  I’d walk all over the house with her on my shoulder. She was only with me for a year. My brother had the job of cleaning out her cage and decided to take the vacuum cleaner to it instead of taking out the bottom tray and dumping it. I am still mad at him for killing my poor Patsy.


9 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From, Day 19

  1. I had a cat, Hamlet, who figured out how to dig his claws into the rubber adhesive under the refrigerator door and pull it open.


    1. my cat Pyewacket does that now. He has teamed up with the dogs to get the leftovers from dinners i prepare….I have come into the kitchen several times and caught Pye with his paws under the fridge door just yanking away at it!


  2. That might sound weird, but I had a donkey in our farm in the countryside. You might consider it a livestock, but it was the closest thing for a pet I had when I was a child.


    1. i want a donkey for a pet…I had goats for a while.


      1. Some of my cousins raise goats, a bit troublesome, but in the overall they are nice creatures. For me, donkeys are the best, except when they bray; verily, this is the ugliest of all sounds.


      2. the only thing worse than a donkey’s bray…is the bray of ten of them! lol


  3. I had to laugh about the guinea pigs. They are such cute little things. I can’t imagine a basement full of them. How come you could have guinea pigs but not kitties? How awful that your brother vacuumed Patsy and killed her. That is so sad. 😦

    I can just imagine walking into the kitchen to find the kitty opening the fridge. That sounds like something our Angel Xerxes would have done if he had ever been in our kitchen. He was a rascal, that one.

    Thanks for playing along. Have a blessed day.


    1. Mother hated cats. One had scratched a friend of hers and the friend contracted “cat scratch fever” and nearly died. toxoplasmosis…not a nice thing. So, cats were denied us.


      1. Thanks for explaining. I had never heard of toxoplasmosis until about the time I was pregnant with our first baby. We had cats then, but David tended to the litter box to minimize the risk to our baby. I’m sorry that your mother’s friend almost died. Was her baby okay?
        Have a blessed night.


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