money, money, money…money!

So Amanda said we had to post here about money.

Well, truthfully, she didn’t say that…she said something though and that’s what I can manage to remember.  This morning has been heck in a handbasket since I woke up at (gasp! Horrors!) 5:30 am.

It started out great, with dog wrestling and cat leaping and only a small bite on my nether regions……but it has gone downhill since then.

Yea, I got out of bed.

Then, George (who is still living) told me (YES, he DID! He TOLD me!) to balance the checkbook.

Now, I always balance the checkbook.  I have been balancing the stupid thing for over 30 years for him.  

SO WHY???? Why would the idiot man TELL me to do it?

Can you tell I don’t like being TOLD what to do?

I actually HATE being told what to do.

It’s like getting a subpoena.  Yea, I don’t like that either. I will gladly and willing go to court for someone,…I will even get there early and make sure that you (or whoever) knows I am actually there for them or you…..I just HATE being told (usually by a cop moonlighting as a process server) that I HAVE to do something.

I will evade them for weeks if I know there’s a subpoena floating around town with my name on it. I’ve never gone this far, as I actually do try to uphold the law…but when being hunted down by one, I have to admit I have bad thoughts.


Not “killing them” bad thoughts….more like them sinking into a twelve foot deep hole without a ladder


..or running out of gas in a wildlife sanctuary…

So, now that we all understand how much I hate being told what to do, can someone remind me what in tarnation I was supposed to be writing about?

2 thoughts on “money, money, money…money!

  1. Balancing the checkbook…oh God I have been thinking about the fact all morning that I REALLY need to do this and just don’t want to face the fact that we got paid and it’s peanuts to get us through to the next one. Just seeing the numbers makes me break out in hives. But this made me laugh, thank you! I’ll think about this while I key in all of the dreadful numbers…


    1. ours is right at .02 and we have nine days to wait till the next payroll……


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