Back Where I Come From, Day 20


Suzanne McClendon‘s Back Where I Come From Challenge, loosely based on the Kenny Chesney song of the same title, is almost over.  We are closing in on the end of the month and the end of the challenge. Check out Suzanne’s page for the other participants.

Day 20: Did you have a neighborhood park/playground?  Did you play there?

not really.  Each Church in town had a small playground, as did each elementary school.  But the neighborhoods themselves? No. We had places where the trees lined small creeks; we had fields near the railroad tracks where we played.

We had places where the trees lined small creeks; we had fields near the railroad tracks where we played.

There was a baseball field or two.

We played in each other’s yards, both front and back depending upon the game.

Our family had a swing set with a slide in our backyard.  The Nuckles kids would play in our backyard.  The Andersons backed up to a stream, and we played there.

The entire neighborhood was our park.

The only playground I remember was near the high school. It was built by the boy scouts in a wooded space near the back entrance to the school.  At the time, it was an Eagle’s project and the purpose was to clean up an area were indigents would camp on their way somewhere else.

No one ever used it though. Well, except the upper-classmen who would sneak out during the school day to smoke. There was one picnic table there and you could walk the path and see a half dozen “fast” kids smoking.

It wasn’t until sometime in the 1980’s that I remember neighborhoods building small playgrounds for the people living nearby. The only people I remember seeing in those small parks were young women with their toddlers.

1 thought on “Back Where I Come From, Day 20

  1. Your mention of “fast” kids made me laugh. I remember my first year of public school after spending 7th grade in a private school. I started 8th grade at a country school out in the middle of nowhere, set up sort of like a prison. One of my new friends asked me, “Are you fast?” I told her I couldn’t run because I had asthma. haha I didn’t know it had another meaning. 🙂

    A few years later, she got me again with the question, “Are you and David talking yet?” I said, “Yes, we talk all the time.” Well, verbal communication was NOT what this “talking” referred to. Again, I had no clue. I guess I’ve never been too good at keeping up with the vice lingo.

    We had a swingset with a slide on it, too, in our backyard. One morning while I and my brothers were at school, our little sister was on it. Mama called her in because a storm was coming. Not 5 minutes later, a tornado came and turned that swingset upside down.

    Thanks for playing along. Have a blessed day.


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