Not a crumb in the house

A Crumb.  That’s all, just a morsel..a tiny little bite. A taste.

Why is it, on days when we need to have bloodwork drawn, we are allowed not even a crumb to sustain us until the magic hour where lab rats suck out plasma for their experimentation?

Most mornings I wake up, shower, dress then get a cup of coffee.  I don’t even THINK about food or drink for an hour or so.

Breakfast usually annoys me.  I rarely indulge.


On those days when the docs have ganged up on me and demand ransom for seeing me and gauging my ills.  THOSE days (like this morning) I feel the gnawing of rodents in my gut. I salivate at the thought of whatever is in the fridge.

And there is still an hour to wait.

I wonder if the only reason we have to “fast” is so the lab rats can laugh at our expense?

I wonder why it is called “fasting” when time slows so much when I am hungry?

I wonder why the Phlebotomists can never stick a person with a needle just ONCE? They are, after all, supposed to be trained in the art of taking blood. 


6 thoughts on “Not a crumb in the house

  1. Yeah, and those pee samples… matter how diligently I try to save a sample for the bottle, when the time to perform comes….well, it ain’t no rushing river.


    1. lol..oh the troubles we have! roflmao


  2. I was one of the best phlebotomists in my day, rarely did I hurt a patient or have to stick more than once. I feel sorry for people that get “stuck” with a bad one.
    I know what you mean, normally I can skip the food if I’ve had my coffee, until I have to fast and then I’m ravenous!!!


    1. we, until very recently…this morning as a matter of fact…had “vampire Martha” working at the lab. She stuck me one time too many this a.m…..i complained loudly…I sorta yelled my head off when she dug into me. She made a snarky comment so i turned her butt in to HR. I now have a lovely blue-black bruise covering the entire inside of my arm. She has been sent for “retraining”.


  3. If you can, try drinking a bunch of water before a blood test. It plumps up the veins. The ones I hated were when I was on Warfarin for nine months – finger pricks!


    1. i do finger pricks every single day. I know exactly what you mean.


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