Thursday Doors (cause I wanted another post)

I think I had a Thursday Doors post back a year or so ago and then never thought about them again.  I saw Georgie Moon’s Greek doors though and thought “Hey, I have Israeli doors…and Egyptian doors….go post em”

So, here they are…a few Middle Eastern doors.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (cause I wanted another post)

  1. …and I thought you were talking about “The Doors”


    1. I could if you want………lol


    1. I adored Israel and Egypt. I took a digi camera and two data sticks with me..and ended up buying 12 more data sticks to save pictures. It was that beautiful!


  2. Welcome to Thursday Doors and thanks for sharing these.
    If you get the time, don’t forget to swing by my post and add this to our link-up list so more people can find it. Look for the blue froggie button near the bottom of my post.


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