Back Where I Come From, Day 23

Suzanne McClendon‘s September challenge is on day 23.  It has been an incredible challenge, dragging up memories of times long past.  Some have been wonderful, others..not so much. BUT all of them have been good for me emotionally.

Anyone that has ever been abused, whether physically, emotionally or sexually…has memories that they submerge as deeply as possible in order to survive. Eventually, these memories MUST come to the surface to be worked out.  This challenge has helped to bring forth memories long denied that I have been able to see with the eyes of an adult and put into a rational, instead of emotional, place. Thank you, Suzanne.

Day 23: Are you ever homesick for your hometown?

I was in years past.  When my life was unmanageable, or too painful to deal with, I would wish for a time and place where I didn’t have to deal with adult matters.

That feeling rarely lasted though as so much of my childhood was filled with emotional abuse.

I have nostalgic memories of times with friends…of times with my siblings…of times with my dad that I wish I could live again.

I miss the excitement of summer carnivals.  The good times with my high school friends.  The pride when my class nominated me for the “Miss Lee High School” competition. The prom.

I do not miss the fast growth of my hometown. The spaghetti bowl of highways leading toward Washington that ran up to my backyard.

The noise fear and confusion of the Race riots.  The Loss of so many friends in Viet Nam or the protests at colleges.

I now live in a town that is accepting of people who are “different”.

We have a multi-cultural town that works on inclusion.  We have a mosque, as well as a synagogue and churches….and no one protests about racial issues. People are honestly accepting here. They treat total strangers as if they are long lost family members.

I have no reason to feel homesick.  I am home.

5 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From, Day 23

  1. I’m so glad you live in such an awesome sounding community!


    1. oh me too. I thank God each and every day for bringing me here!


  2. That last line is beautiful!


  3. Thank you for your kind words at the top of your posts, Suze. You’re welcome, too. I am glad that our challenge is helping you to work through these things from your past

    It sounds like where you live now is a great place to be. I agree with thelongview…that last line is beautiful. I know it must feel so awesome to be “home”. 🙂

    Thank you for participating in the challenge. Your responses are helping me, too, giving me a lot to think about. I appreciate that very much.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂


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