Back Where I Come From, Day 26

Thank you so very much, Suzanne Gunter McClendon, for this challenge! Check out Suzanne’s blog here. The challenge is based on a Kenny Chesney song of the same name. While you are over there looking around Suzanne’s place, check the other participants of the challenge and their responses. 

Day 26: Does your hometown experience all four seasons? If not, which ones does it skip over?

Oh yes.

Springfield is in Northern Virginia and experiences every season.

Springtime is glorious.  Wonderfully cool weather, flowers and Cherry trees blossoming all over town.

Randy’s house in spring

The summers are quite hot and sticky. There is a constant humidity that sucks the life out of people, then when you think you are just going to melt from the heat a summer thunderstorm appears and cools things off for a brief time. The only relief at times is lazing the day away at a local swimming pool.

Springfield in summertime

Autumns are gorgeous.  The trees change colors, the air becomes cool and crisp. Kids wear sweaters under their Halloween costumes as they wander through the neighborhoods collecting candies.  Pumpkins appear on front porches just before Halloween, carved with horrible or funny faces.  Then new pumpkins show up before Thanksgiving.

Accotink park, autumn

And, the winters are cold and snowy. Kids make “forts” and pelt each other with snowballs and it doesn’t matter who “wins” the battle so long as everyone is hit. Sleds suddenly appear and ever hill is a racetrack for little racers.

our “hill” to sled

At least, that’s what I remember…. and if I focus really hard on my childhood, I can still feel the air rushing by as I slid down the hill that long ago winter day.

2 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From, Day 26

  1. Nice photos of the 4 seasons! 🙂


  2. What a beautiful expression of the 4 seasons, most especially that autumn photo! I haven’t seen fall colors like that in 13 years now and I sure do miss them. I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced snow like that, with one exception back in Anderson County, SC, in winter 1987. It snowed at the end of January and then again in February. The first snow was still on the ground when the second one came. It was great!

    Oh yeah! I have next year’s song chosen and hope to have the questions posted by the end of this year. Watch for the link to show up in my navigation menu. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in our challenge. I hope that you have a beautiful, blessed day. 🙂


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