Cottage living (additions)

The truly frustrating thing about living in a cottage is the lack of space.  Now, don’t this wrong…I LOVE my cottage. It really is large enough for us as there are only two in the family…but, every now and then I find myself having to rethink every room and its contents in order to make space for something I want. I don’t have enough focus to do that…..

the cottage

Those that follow along after me know I created a crafts table.  I needed someplace other than the kitchen table to create wreaths, to paint..and I needed storage space for all my materials and tools.

I found a lovely (well it is lovely now it was ugly as sin!) tv stand that I converted with the help of a file cab and a board into the craft table of my dreams.

Not that I have it, I don’t have the space to put it…so I had to take two bookcases out of the front room and move a couple of easy chairs..which meant I had to move the television so a person could actually watch it from those chairs..which meant I had to move my desk and another filing cabinet……

After all of that, I still had to find a spot for two bookcases.

So off to the dining room I wandered……….and ended up moving George’s keyboard, his dad’s old army trunk full of sheet music, a three drawer shelf of material…….a rug, two folding trays and a basket filled with junk that I haven’t figured out where to put yet.

I fit the bookshelves in and was about to fill them back up with the books when I discovered George had moved all his sheet music from the trunk to one of the shelves.

After banging my head on the wall in frustration and taking a few Tylenol, I was ready to figure out where to put everything that I had moved.

Books onto shelves…and the remainder into the bedroom.  Shelves placed perfectly and the trunk back into its space under the window. Rugs back on the floor and both folding trays to the laundry space.  (it isn’t actually a room..a room needs more space than just enough for a washer/dryer).

The basket is still on the floor awaiting my focused and singular attention.

The three drawer thingy with all the material was put next to the craft table….and off to the bedroom I went.  Books. sigh

Okay, there’s a bookshelf in the bedroom (my daddy made it for me) and I had baskets full of shoes and scarves on it.  Off came the baskets full of MY stuff and George’s books filled the shelves.  Now where in tarnation to put my shoes?

I figured I only ever wear certain ones so I sorted the heck out of them (salvation army shall love me) and put away three pair under the bed. The rest are moving on out.

After all of that, I still don’t have enough room to put the top on the craft table.  I will have to wait for November when I order the 6’x8′ shed for the backyard, and George moves his workbench, stool, tools, and modeling crap outside.

Once he does that, I can rebuild the closet into a reading nook, take the futon mattress out of the living room and add it to the nook, build bookshelves up the sides of the closet, move the two recliners into the living room, move the TV to the opposite side of the room………and find someplace to put a small end table.

I am thinking I will have a yard sale and sell that blasted end table as I really won’t want to redo the entire house yet again.

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  1. Sounds like that was a lot of work situating everything. Glad you got a lot of it sorted out. 🙂


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