Back where I Come From, Day 27

Day 27 of Suzanne Gunter McClendon‘s Back Where I Come From Challenge. 

Day 27: If there were no restrictions such as money or employment, where would you most like to live?

Ten years ago, I would have answered Israel without a second’s hesitation. I had traveled that beautiful country twice and honestly could easily see myself living and working there. It spoke to the deepest part of me. I had renewed my spiritual life there.

Israel wilderness


A few years ago, I would have said Guatemala.  George and I went on a mission trip to San Raymundo to help build homes, dig wells, build a second story onto an existing school and provide some much needed medical care to villagers in the surrounding area.  It was 10 of the most incredible days of our lives.

We watched a young family receive the keys to a brand new three-room house (we helped to build) on the Fourth of July…a TRUE Independence Day for them as they had been living in a tin and cardboard shack. I read to children in a jungle village while they waited to receive an exam and shots from the doctors and nurses of Doctors Without Borders. I learned to make tortillas from the cooks at our “compound” in the Jungle. We helped to dig a cistern and a water pipe from a spring on the side of a volcano down to the village.

It was a trip filled with hard work but we both felt we had made such a difference in people’s lives.  We never wanted to leave, and when we got home decided to sell everything and move permanently to Guatemala. George accepted a job with the school/clinic we had assisted and all we had to do was sell the house. It seemed God had other plans for us though. The house didn’t sell. The clinic George was to oversee was burned to the ground by “banditos”. The job offer was withdrawn and we had to come up with another plan.

So, we moved to Enid. My best friend had moved back a few months before and was constantly telling me to come.  So I visited, and………..

NEVER wanted to leave.

Two more “visits” later, George and I moved to Enid.

To answer the question though “ If there were no restrictions such as money or employment, where would you most like to live?”

Right here.



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  1. I am glad that you have found your true home, Suze. That is wonderful. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.


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