What I think will happen……..

From all the tweeting and outright lies of our President, it is becoming harder and harder to understand why our leaders have not yet impeached him. The daily bombast of tweets alone should be enough.

He exhorts private company owners to fire their people.

He shouts that a private organization needs to add specific rules for their employees to follow.

He ignores millions of helpless citizens after a major catastrophe.

He supports racist hate groups.

He had violated the Logan Act.

He attempted to manipulate a federal investigation, and when that didn’t work, fired the head of the investigation.

Regardless of all of these, and so much more, Congress has failed to bring impeachment charges.  I think (and hope) that is soon going to change.

Lately, it has looked like Trump has been thinking of switching political sides.  He’d be joining the Democrats except for the fact that he has already committed several impeachable offenses, and they won’t take him.

I believe that when Robert Mueller’s report is presented, the Republicans will quickly meet, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment.

Will Trump resign?  Oh yea. He will..he doesn’t want his taxes and shoddy business dealings confirmed to the public. He has been far too busy trying to hide them.

By the time Mueller’s report comes out the Republicans will be more than ready to impeach him. He has over the past few months so alienated his base through denigration and “going behind their backs to the Democrats” they will have to decide if Pence is the better choice. How can they not?  Pence, while being a despicable human being is at a minimum sane.

How can they not?  Pence, while being a despicable human being is at a minimum sane and has some political experience.

Will Trump go quietly?  Probably not, but he will go.


2 thoughts on “What I think will happen……..

  1. I really hope you’re right. Tired of seeing trump’s face on every newscast


  2. We can dream, can’t we?


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