Congress denies CHIP funding

The Congress has seen fit to deny over 9 million children the healthcare they need by allowing the CHIP program to lapse.

The House of Representatives has shown they do not represent women by the passage of a law that denies women the right to an abortion after 19 weeks. They have used pseudo-science and Religion to justify their vote.

The Congress continues to kowtow to business interests over that of the people.

The House does the same.

The President is an unfettered lunatic blaming the people of Puerto Rico for their state’s* destruction by a force of nature, and the resultant budget issues of dealing with the hurricane damage.

The Vice President blithely makes inane statements justifying the insanity of the President.

The Speaker of the House is no longer attempting to hide his partisanship, nor does the Majority leader.

It is becoming more clear every day that Russia has put these people in place in our government and continue to interfere with the governance of the country.

Our country is dying. It is obvious to anyone with a knowledge of history. We no longer have a republic…we have a budding Oligarchy answering to a foreign power.

The people have been separated into opposing political camps and goaded each by the other until rational discussion is almost impossible, and I think it was deliberately done with an eye towards distraction until the players could wrest freedom away and put their own puppets into power.

I fear for the future. My grandchildren will not know the freedoms we fought so hard to achieve. They will know a country that could be purchased for power and money. They will know a country based on slogans and sound bites instead of responsibility, honor, and decency.

It is up to us, the citizens, to take back our country. The only power we collectively have is in the vote. Somehow we need to make everyone see that the reason we are now in this crisis is due to the laziness, the apathy, the inaction, the complacency of the people who did not vote.

40% of the Nation’s voters actually cast a vote. 40% put us here. That is unacceptable and must change if we are to take back our country.

So, I guess my question to you is….What are YOU going to do about it?

I will continue to do what I have always done. I am involved with getting people registered to vote. I give rides to people without transportation and coordinate other drivers. I call hundreds of people each election cycle and urge them to vote.

What are you going to do?



*state: Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States called a “protectorate”. The definition of protectorate is the equivalent of “State”, in that the citizens are Americans in every sense of the word. They pay American income taxes, property taxes, can vote in elections and serve in the military. A Puerto Rican driver’s license, fishing license, hunting, boating, or flying license is valid in all 50 designated states. The Social Security Administration issues SS cards to citizens of Puerto Rico.

10 thoughts on “Congress denies CHIP funding

  1. You nailed it with this post. Unfortunately, apathy will continue to lead to the destruction of our democracy, of our nation.


    1. Oh, how I wish you were wrong!


  2. Suze, that’s one helluva rabble-rousing post. Perfecto! I am on board with you even though my gate pass is stamped “Old warrior, tired and burned out” We each need to decide what we can physically do and then kick ass. 40% sucks.


    1. phone calls, tweets, blog posts, mailings……communication is the key here. anyone can do those things. I figure I’ll be protesting till the day I die and all retirement funds will be used for bail funds…lol


      1. Well, even that’s an upside. 3 hots and a cot ain’t too bad. Just think…..all that time to devote to writing. St. Paul did some of his best stuff out of a prison cell


      2. good point. It isn’t as if I don’t already know what a jail cell looks like………


  3. Well, you also have to understand there are a lot of dynamics going on with the whole Puerto Rico situation. There are supplies sitting all over the island that cannot get where they are needed because truckers are on strike. Don’t understand why Cuban and others with mega bucks can’t air lift and drop supplies directly where they are needed! Or did they?


    1. some have. the big issue is that those in the mountains have no areas clear for transportation to get to them. there is almost no diesel so those truckers couldn’t get where they need to be even without a strike. frankly this is the first I have heard of a strike.


  4. This may seem not to concern me as an Egyptian, but I respect what you’re doing to the farthest extent, and I hope you succeed in saving your country from falling into the darkness of dictatorship. I contributed in two revolutions in my country during the past 7 years, and through what I’ve seen, our biggest mistake was that we always concentrated all of our efforts on uniting the people’s will on throwing a dictator out of office, but we never thought of the important question, “Who will replace him and make the proper amends we aspired for, and how shall this person be instated?” If a foreign intelligence agency, or “agencies” was truly behind instating Trump, then they will surely have a “Plan B” in case people removed him from office. Be careful not to substitute one puppet with another, this would be the most harmful thing to do. Always think 10 steps ahead.
    I apologize if this was an inappropriate intrusion from my side.


    1. extremely good advice. We keep looking at all the ones in place that would take command should the president be impeached. they are all rotton to the core down to the speaker of the house. We are hoping for a consititutional convention that will allow a new election. Frankly, Gen Kelly is the only one in the oval office that would be semi-acceptable. I was in Egypt during the first uprising, so I know whereof you speak. Thank you Ehab.


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