Red letter day!

George just called today my “Red Letter Day!”    Well, I don’t know who to tweet now.

Yep, In less than 2 weeks on twitter, I have been blocked by the following:

President Cheeto

VP Pence

Rex Tillerson 

Ivanka Trump

Donnie Jr.

Jared Kushner

Mitch McConnell

Paul Ryan


Is there anyone left in the hierarchy of Morons? Gen Kelly doesn’t belong in the group of Morons as I fully respect his position…you can not be a Moron and make General, after all.

But, to whom shall I tweet now?



** all photos: (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)



11 thoughts on “Red letter day!

  1. Congratulations! You can tweet me anytime!


    1. lol…….have to find you first!


  2. I am C W @Cjscan1999


  3. Want my list? Let’s start with Franklin Graham, then Falwell, Jr. then Joel Osteen.


      1. It’s liberating, isn’t it? Don’t have to look at all that BS anymoe.


  4. Ha ha! They’re finally on to you!


  5. Congratulations, quite an impressive list. How about Kelly Ann Conway, Sara Huckabee Sanders, Ann Coulter or Michelle Maulkin (your choice), and the Mooch. I know he’s not relevant, but it is fun to say the Mooch, right? Extra credit for Kim Jong or Vladimir P. Just be real careful with Coulter and Malkin, they can be cruel. So, when you get time…


    1. lol…and not a single one of them interest me in the least! Well, maybe Un…but then again, he’s such a King Baby i don’t think I could stand it!


  6. How are you doing this?! I literally call Trump an asshole on a daily basis, and then I took your advice and told him he had a low IQ, but still nothing. I guess I’m going to have to persevere. I’ll tweet to him for the both of us:-)


    1. just keep it up. I said something about tiny hands equate with tiny other parts in people who have no brains….it only took a day with ivanka..i asked how could she justify her dad’s sexual comments against women and did he get aroused when she sat on his lap. crude but obviously effective.


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