The story behind my seven days, seven photos

So, the challenge is over. No explanation, just photographs of things in my everyday life.  But………Harini over at The Long View asked if I was ever going to explain them…… here it is. The things and the reason I shared them.

day 1: 

This is Gunnar.  He is a fox terrier that my husband brought home one day from work. Gunnar latched onto me as his “best friend” almost immediately and goes everywhere with me. The only place he hasn’t been is inside the grocery store. He has visited the library to meet the kids at the pre-school reading group and several nursing homes to visit the residents.  He is a loud-mouth that tells me it is NOW time to go visit the sick or the little ones, or just to the dog park.  He has his own phone (my old one that he buried in the garden), he types on my keyboard when he wants to ‘talk” with his friend Angie on skype. He knows how to tell time…I swear he does as he tells me every day when Noon comes along and it is lunchtime. He is the most important non-human in my life.

day 2: 

This trailer hitch slammed into my husband’s work vehicle one day.   The huge truck it was attached to was being driven by a young man who was very obviously drunk at the time. The “crash” introduced him to us, and unrepentent ex-drug counselor that I am, I immediately started to speak with him about his quite obvious problem. The upshot is..the young man is now receiving treatment for an addiction he was afraid to acknowledge.

Day 3:

This beautiful barn is just down the street from where I live.  My cottage is in the central part of a city of 50K people, yet this is 1/2 mile down the road.  I love this place!

Day 4:

My front porch where I spend a ridiculous amount of time.  Any day of the week you can find me there..usually with my “grand daughter” from next door, or another neighbor. It is my spirit-renewal place.

day 5:

I GREW THESE!!! After attempting for over ten years to grow veg in Texas and never harvesting a blasted thing, I planted one here.  I have been over-run by green and red peppers, jalapenos, aubergines, cucumbers, and onions.  My tomatoes just never took off for some reason.

Day 6:

Looks like a bird bath, doesn’t it?  Well, it is now actually. It started out though as a shallow apple tart dish and a vase.  I made that to go into my front flower garden…then made a second one…then a third which I sold! Woot! new income prospect here.

Day 7:

That is a gate to my back yard….and my bathroom window to the right. The window is interesting (at least to me) because of the colors in it.  It had a huge crack slitting the window in half when we moved in. We couldn’t afford to purchase a new window so I ‘stained” it.

There ya have it…the stuff I posted for the challenge and what they are.

And thanks, Harini, for asking about them!

6 thoughts on “The story behind my seven days, seven photos

  1. Great story behind the trailer hitch


  2. Wow! So many fascinating stories behind such everyday things (except Gunnar). I love this challenge, thank you for sharing your stories and adding me to it. Btw, I thought of posting a pic of my dog and then decided she was a ‘people’, which is not allowed. Still sitting on the fence!


    1. mine is not technically a people…even though he is 1. my baby, 2. smarter than me, 3 uses a telephone…lol


  3. The barn shot is eye catching. I don’t know, but it seems to trigger something in my memories that I’m unable to put my hand on, I just keep on looking at it repeatedly.


  4. It’s great you had good luck with your vegetable garden this year! If we lived closer, I’d take some. 😉


  5. Wonderful stories for each picture.


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