Inspirational Blogger Award

Oh dear.  Once again that crazy woman from Freezingland is making me write a post!

Yes, Cyranny nominated me for an Inspirational Blogger Award and now I have to answer questions that I would probably much rather never answer because I will embarrass my children!

Except I don’t actually MIND embarrassing my children. After all, they embarrassed me enormously during the raising of them. (yes Robert, you did too! Remember the time you asked that man with the enormous beer belly when his baby was due?  Remember Richard when you proudly told all your kindergarten friends that I danced naked in a bar?) ((I wasn’t naked either! I had on a really nice bikini!))

Anyway, there are once again rules to follow. And Cyr KNOWS how much I hate rules! I am pretty sure that she nominated me only BECAUSE I HATE RULES!!!

  1. Answer five questions posed by the person nominating you. (DANG IT!)
  2. Give one random fact about yourself.
  3. Link back to the blog of the person nomination you.
  4. Link back to Cyranny (Cyranny’s Cove)
  5. Nominate 5 blogs to receive this award
  6. Pose them 5 questions of your own devising (Four personal, one stupid/fun)

Cyranny’s five questions are;

  1. Would you rather know when you’ll die the day before, so you can do whatever you’d wish to do… Or not know until the last second? Yes, I would want to know. I have stuff to do..and I would want to plan how George would find me.  I would HAVE to go buy a new nightgown, change the sheets and get my hair done professionally for a change so I look good. Then I need to clean up all the junk that is lying around the house.  can’t have the mortuary guys see those dirty dishes in the sink or the laundry piled up!
  2. Name one movie that made a real difference in your life, and tell me why? “The Days of Wine and Roses” 

I am an alcoholic.  I realized it when I recognized myself in this movie. I got (and stayed) sober.

3. Do you have a hidden talent (I bet you do… think hard)?  Okay, I thought really REALLY hard and I haven’t got a clue whether or not I have a hidden talent. I can sing, I can sew really well…I can get into trouble extremely easily. I don’t think the last thing is a talent although George said it is.

Would you prefer an extra hour per day, or 1000$ in your bank account? (I know, we discussed that with Danny, once)  Oh, I want that money.  Not an incredible amount of it. I would be ecstatic with just an extra $100.00 a month. 

Which is your favorite finger? Why? Lady fingers! 

Okay, okay….I know that isn’t what you were asking! sigh…can’t get away with anything here…finger. Favorite finger? well heck. okay…I choose….any finger wearing a ring! yep, I am one of those oddballs that wears a lot of rings. Well, at least when I think about it. I have a ring on my thumb and ring finger on each hand and my pinky finger and my middle finger of my left hand. I’d wear more but I also wear them on my toes so do toes count here?  

Okay, I made it! Now to nominate people and ask my own questions.

Nominations: (dang Cyr, ya swiped three of the ones I was going to nominate!)




Rabbit Patch Diary


My questions to you:

  1. What would your perfect blogging/writing room look like?
  2. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
  3. Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?
  4. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?
  5. As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?


In Cyranny’s own words “Game on, now…You’re IT!”

12 thoughts on “Inspirational Blogger Award


    Did you actually follow rules?
    *pressing palm on Suze’s forehead*
    I think you might be sick… 😉

    I loved your answers, and I thought I’d answer your questions too… If you don’t want to know, just don’t read the following…. LOL

    1) If writing could be my main activity, I wish I could just bring my tablet anywhere I please, sit and observe people, and write what comes to my mind. I like sitting by the window, on second or third floor, looking down on a street, or a garden… Or sitting in a cosy café… Or simply in a park. I’ve also thought about how cool it would be to blog sitting next to someone inspiring… Brainstorming over crazy ideas, between two writing sessions… But if I had to confine my writing in one blogging room… I would be sitting by a window, in a very comfy chair, probably wrapped in the most comfy blanket!

    2) People usually come to me to talk. I think I have the face of someone you can tell anything to. I’ve even had strangers coming to me on the street, just to talk. I think I am a good listener, and I don’t gossip.

    3) That’s a good one… But I’d say my Mom and Dad. They started with very little in life, and built so much. A loving couple, through the last almost 40 years now!! A great tight family, a big comfortable home me and my brother can always come back to, and a wealthy business… And they never took the easy road. I admire them greatly.

    4) Do you have access to the winning #? – I work for Quebec’s lottery company, and no, I don’t have access to the winning numbers… What the dang would I still be working if I did??

    5) I’ve been watching “Last man on earth” (and I totally recommend it… it is soooo funny) and it gave me a couple of ideas about what I would and wouldn’t do…. I think I’d find a way to sail to Denmark, find a little farm on the coast, gather a few farm animals, and pretend Mads is at sea, and that I’m just waiting for his return… Until something wrong happens, like me getting kicked by my horse, run over by my cow, me falling down a cliff, or eating the wrong berries… Something like that!


    1. run over by cow….what a great obit that would make. I can’t stop laughing at it.


      1. Just too bad there would be nobody left to enjoy it 😛


      2. okay….writing obits NOW so we know what is in them before we are all extinct! ha!


      3. LOOOOOOOOOOL we should totally do that!! That way, you get to know what would be said at your funerals, and even choose what would be said!! I love the idea!


      4. new page published and new post. this is all your fault woman!


  2. I love both sets of answers, you guys make my day!


  3. Hey, thanks for the nomination! I’ll get to it pretty soon! 🙂


  4. Thanks for nominating me, Suze! I’ve been thinking about it and I really feel like it’s not my cup of tea. My reason for blogging is to share what I find interesting with any readers I have (without working too hard to acquire them). I don’t want to spend any more time on it than I already do; I already have an unhealthy addicttion to reading other people’s blogs and chasing new ideas all over the Net. Also, the idea of writing to prompts has never appealed to me. I hope you understand. I love your blog with all its wise and crazy posts, and am grateful to have your friendship.


    1. Honey, simply take it as a compliment then. I LOVE your blog. I find you fascinating. And I never want to make anything think they HAVE to write about something.


      1. Thanks a ton, then, for the compliment. And for being such a dear!


  5. Thanks again, Suze for the award nomination! I just posted my answers. 🙂


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