We are living in exceptional times. 

We are living in exceptional times.

For the first time since this country’s founding, we have a lunatic in charge. His second in command a religious fanatic. His cabinet is composed of multi-millionaires using their positions to line their own pockets at the citizens’ expense.

His second in command a religious fanatic who has openly stated that “Christianity” should be designated as the state religion. Nevermind the 1st Amendment.

His cabinet is composed of multi-millionaires using their positions to line their own pockets at the citizens’ expense.

The Senate and House are overflowing with greedy, ultra-religious old men who seem to want to send us back into the 1950’s…where women stayed at home raising children and people of color “knew their places”.

Any law enacted during the terms of our former President MUST be rejected or modified until they have no reason for being.

Any improvements in the lives of LGBT must be revoked and all sent scrambling back into their closets.

A WALL must be built.

A petty dictator MUST be brought to heel.

Climate change MUST be denied.

Nepotism MUST be allowed.

A particular religion MUST be established as the Country’s own.

Guns and enough ammo to wage war against a small country MUST be allowed for any citizen that wants it all. Silencers are just the icing on the Second Amendment cake.

Muslims MUST be denied entry to the country; the ones who are already here MUST be denied their rights and held responsible for the acts of terrorists.

The Flag MUST be held up as a sacred symbol and respected.

Those of us who disagree with any of the above shall be spied upon and counted as worthless dissenters.

The last “exceptional” time this world saw was in 1939.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. Abraham Lincoln


6 thoughts on “We are living in exceptional times. 

  1. Abraham Lincoln rightly said, no country can destroy America only American themselves. People of third world countries choose a wrong person in election because of there illitracy. They don’t understand what is wrong and what’s right for them. But i was shocked to know that Americans voted for Trump. He is a comedian ruling the strongest country in the human history.


    1. we have such vast disengagement here…voters believe that it no longer matters whether or not they vote..so a small percentage of the people voted in this charlatan.


  2. Ah, Suze, again you touch my heart. With every passing day I am more in agreement with Olbermann, “the overthrow of our government has happened, we must now resist.” I might add that we need to live the remaining years of our lives committed to that which we know is true and right. I never wanted to be a martyr but, I will if the occasion arises. What is so sad is that the people we entrusted to oversee our government, our legislators, along with a very small minority of voting idiots have betrayed us. We got caught with our pants down.


  3. I guess this is what some mean when they use the term “American Exceptionalism.” Sad.


  4. Sad and true, Suze.


  5. Unfortunately, you are not telling long tales. This is a sad reality.


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