I am a fraud………

Yes, yes I am. Here I go blathering on yet again…pretending to be a “blogger”.  Oh, I know that I am posting on a blog site, but just typing away a bit of blather or a rant does not a blogger make. I am a bloggery fraud.

Real bloggers write insightful posts each and every day. There are myriad examples of them out there.

Just look at Gronda Morin, or Calico Jack, or the Shinbone Star.  Those are all REAL bloggers.

There are blogs that teach, (ProfessorTaboo, Islamic Methodologies made Easy),

that enlighten,(Quest, A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales, For His Glory )

that organize, (Bee Organized with Pamela )

that bring joy through art  (Elaine’s Paintings, Weird WeekendsCee’s Photography)

…..then there is me.

I rant………I ramble………….I babble………I vent and I blather. I don’t have bazillions of followers breathlessly awaiting my words of wisdom.

And although I do know how to write well, I choose not to do so.  And I am happy with knowing I am a bloggery fraud!

Go check out all those links I posted.  Those are the bloggers deserving the title.


30 thoughts on “I am a fraud………

  1. Feeling the same way… I hit post #1500 yesterday and I thought “Woooaaa, that’s a lot of nothing thrown in the Internets!”

    But hey, if I thaught one person that whales do fart, my job is done! 😛


    1. A whale farting? Wow, flatus on steroids.


      1. see the wonderful new knowledge we acquire from reading Cyranny’s blog? lol


      2. I am glad to know they do… but I never want to experience it. I’ll believe the scientists that (I am guessing here) fed whales tons and tons of beans, and followed them to see what’d happen….


      3. tiny bubbles…………………………


      4. I shouldn’t have brought that up again, now I am getting more and more ??? popping one after the other….


      5. love you Cyr! tiny bubbles……………i can’t stop singing it……….


    2. I know…You taught me that! lol


  2. “I ran…I ramble…I babble…I vent, and I blather.” Me too. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?


  3. And how does a person realize that fact about whales, and why?


    1. why? why are we studying cow farts? lol


    2. I think the answer to the “why” would be more interresting than the “how”… But it could also be a tad scary… Some questions are better left unanswered 😛 Mouahahahahahahaah


      1. ohh, good point! But I can’t help but wonder just who in their supposedly right minds would go try to find out the HOW………lol


      2. It is amazing what some people get paid for doing…. Why can’t I be paid for writing?? Dang!!


      3. add ads to the blog. who knows, it could work. do a go fund me thingy for another trip to denmark…………..


  4. Naw Suze, you are not a fraud. Anyone who can make a demented, senile, perverted 70 year old man giggle and occasionally guffaw is the real thing……gosh we could make you a poster child for a Coke commercial, whaddyathink?


    1. can I be the poster girl for dr pepper instead? We can bring back the song too!


  5. I LOVE your blathering and babbling Suze! Please carry on being a bloggery fraud!


    1. oh, I won’t stop it Harini! I LIKE blathering!


  6. I would much rather read a funny or insightful INFREQUENT blogger than one who is full of themselves or bore us to tears because they feel the need to write everyday to feel more like a true blogger. I have enough comparison in my life that I refuse to compare my blogging to anyone else. If I have one reader who enjoys what I write, then that is enough. I really like your posts and look forward to them so please don’t change a thing!


    1. Oh I won’t change anything about my crazy blog. I have a ton of fun doing it. Every now and then a word just hits right and i can refer people all over the interweb to see some of my favorites. Worked out well today! And thanks so much for reading.


  7. Well, looks like there’s a max of replies I can reply to your replies… Suze! That sucks, and it is very confusing…

    Anywho…I just wanted to add that you have noooo idea how many times I almost clicked on the register button on Gofundme page!! But I would totally feel like a fraud, asking for money when others need it way more than I do….

    Having a conscience sucks!


  8. A blogger is someone who writes a blog on whatever it is they wish to write about. Nonsense is in the eye of the beholder and if someone doesn’t like what you write there is no one making them read it. You have followers, you are a blogger and certainly not a fraud. There are blogs on millions of subjects and usually at least one person that is interested. Even if, God forbid, no one read it you are still a blogger if you write a blog no matter the subject. 🙂


    1. ya know, I received more comments on this post than any other I have ever written. Writing tongue in cheek is harder than I thought as so many took it all seriously. Thank you for the kind comments.


  9. “Real” bloggers are just everyday people who have the courage to share their inner ramblings with the outside world. 😉


    1. I just returned from your blog. what an amazing journey you have been on. so many of us felt the same way as children and it took years to get close to acceptance of self. Thank you so much for reading my stuff…


      1. Thank you so much for dropping by my site as well! Hugs!!!


  10. If you’re a fraud, I hate to think what I am.


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