loyal? okay; let’s talk about dogs

because honestly, they are about the most loyal creatures on the planet.

I have two.  One is a fox terrier and the other a minpin…now I used to own great Danes so these guys were quite odd to me at first.  I can put them into my purse! I never could put a dane in my purse…not even just one paw would have fit.

I can  stuff both dogs at once into a purse I brought back from Egypt. I guess it is more of a shopping bag for normal people, but since I carry a few tools, an e-book, my wallet, bottled water, and a first aide kit I need a big purse. I did a post once on all the junk I cart around with me.

It seems the older I become the smaller the dogs that own me become.

I wonder if it works that way for everyone?

My cats just get bigger for some reason.  Again Two cats own me.  And they are HUGE. pyewacket, a white/apricot point siamese longhair is at least ten pounds……..pure muscle too. He’s long and tall and LOUD. I have been seriously considering getting ear plugs and wearing them all the time when Pye is around. He just talks constantly………..

Then there is Teddy..aka Theodore J Cat…haven’t a clue what the J is for either. you’d have to ask the grand daughter why Teddy had a middle initial. Teddy is a 23 pound moster of a tabby cat. He has breakfast at five different houses so it isn’t any wonder he is huge.  I just wish he were fat instead of so danged big. He is sold muscle just like Pye. Cats are not loyal either…hence the eating at five homes by my cat. Gunnar and Dasher would never eat at the neighbor’s homes.

Cats are not loyal either…hence the eating at five homes by my cat. Gunnar and Dasher would never eat at the neighbor’s homes. And the cats will roll over and let everyone rub their tummies.  Not the dogs. They save their lovin for their humans in this house.

There you have it. Dogs are loyal..cats aren’t.



5 thoughts on “loyal? okay; let’s talk about dogs

  1. Very true, but cats don’t east their own throw-up. YUK!


    1. Ewww, I’m so sorry i read that!


      1. The truth sometimes hurts……hope you weren’t eating dinner. LOL


  2. Oh, I like big purses, too! A tote bag would work just fine for me. For some reason I think I have to carry a bunch of stuff around, then I almost never need it. When we had dogs, they wouldn’t fit in a purse, but our cat did, and did climb into it a lot. Now she’s way too big, and as a Maine Coon Cat, she’s about 25 pounds now! 🙂


  3. Dogs are the best, period.


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