Mini-vacation at Boiling Springs

It always amazes me that just a few days spent out in the boonies makes me love life so much! We went on a short camping trip to Boiling Springs State Park this week. Boiling Springs is located 75 miles west of Enid.  Just far enough away for a nice drive and yet close enough for a quick camping trip without a lot of stress from traveling.

George and I had a little bit of help from Garry and Angie in packing up the equipment, and creating the menu for the few days we’d be gone. the “hard part” of packing the truck was made so much easier with those extra hands.

This time, I set up a night camera in the camp.  It was my handy-dandy birthday present and this was my first chance to set it up and see what I could “catch” on film.  It has a nifty little motion sensor thingy that starts the shutter flying for multiple pictures.

We arrived about 11 am and set up the campsite within about a half hour. We had a gorgeous site close to the public restrooms and showers, yet fairly far away from the closest campsite. Garry and George both went wandering off to locate firewood for the camp.  Garry dragged back a downed tree; George brought back several logs.

After sawing the tree and logs into campfire acceptable wood, Garry wandered off to check out the park and George stayed busy putting together a couple of model tanks.

Angie and I set up our personal shower/restroom tent, got the dinner prep done, hung lanterns around the site (so we wouldn’t walk into trees or tables during the night) and relaxed for a couple of hours.

The first night it was just us, the dogs and the coyotes. Yep…coyotes! They sang to us most of the night, and a couple of times came close enough to our tent that the dogs all started growling.

The second day, George, Gunnar and I went on a hike down to the Candian River which is on the backside of the park. It was a 2 1/2 mile trail, and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to walk the entire thing…but it was so beautiful, and we saw so many awesome things (and critters) that I didn’t even think of the distance.We saw a flock of wild turkeys! They were just walking through the grasses in the park and in a semi-ordered line.

George and I were both impressed by the old buildings throughout the park.  All of them were built in the 1920’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and even after all this time are study and used by the park employees.

Late afternoon on our second day a couple of campers arrived with their “pop-ups”, and we had a grand time watching them back into trees, light poles, a barbeque grill and a few jack-knife situations before the drivers managed to park.  It all just reinforced to us that our instant tent was the right decision!

Of course, we had to listen to the dogs barking non-stop during the camper fiasco. I’m pretty sure both Jake and Daisy were shouting instructions to the drivers attempting to back in. Who needs television when you can watch people driving badly?

I took hundreds of pictures…it’s just what I do whenever we go anywhere.  I found two pictures of me in this batch…you only get to see one of them though. I highly doubt anyone wants to see this old broad in her nightgown with dogs covering her on her camp cot! Thanks Angie for swiping my camera to prove I was actually there too!

I took so many pictures that I want to share that I am going to make a second post of nothing but pictures.  Enjoy.



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