release of frustrations and “once more unto the breach”

I’ve had several days this week out in the “wilderness”, camping with my best friends, and giving up all the frustrations and anger over politics, the Religious “right”, etc. etc., etc..  It was such a blessed  release  and I seriously didn’t want to come back home and once more take up the banner of protest.

I had no access to “news” and so had no clue what POTUS45 had been up to, nor did I have a clue how our Legislative branch of government was behaving.

I wish we had been able to stay out there.

I came home to the news of four dead servicemen in Niger.  “NIGER? When did we authorize war in Niger?” I asked myself. Turns out we have been there for years. “Black OPS”. Lovely.

The Pres. once again made ridiculous statements to the press..but wait! He gave himself a “10 out of 10” for his Hurricane response in Puerto Rico. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that one.

Potus45 said he owns the “real Renoir”…ummm, no he doesn’t. I’ve seen that particular painting…heck my GRANDPARENTS saw that painting hanging in an art gallery.

A retired Navy “seal” that praised Trump isn’t………not a seal… Viet Nam service…….yet another fake surrounding our fake president.

A “budget” was finally passed by Congress…one that slashes Medicare and social services like Mental health, cuts that harm the middle and lower classes and yet again gives all kinds of tax cuts for the wealthy, buffs the Military when we should honestly be cutting back on Military spending, and just generally screws the people.

There was a poll of Americans that showed a ridiculous amount of people think that the news media just makes up the news and it is all “fake”. I really didn’t need to know just how many stupid people there are in my country.

The President once again showed what a total Asshole he is by calling the widow of one of the servicemen killed in Niger, even after all of his advisors told him NOT to call her.

Oh, how I wish I were back out in the woods with my best friends, my hubby and my beloved dogs. Life was so beautiful and simple there.  We woke up at dawn, started a fire for warmth..I made a pot of coffee that we shared.  We woke up slowly watching the rising sun turn night into day. Deer wandering through the campsite, grazing on high prairie grasses…fawns nursing.  The sound of birdsong.

We ate when we were hungry……..wandered up and down trails to the river and through the woods. Went to sleep after sitting around another campfire and queitly talking…sharing with each other our love of nature and each other…telling jokes..speaking of our childhoods….sharing memories of our past. Going to sleep in our tent when we tired. Simple things. Basic things. Peaceful things.

But, I can not just stay in the woods forever.  George is back to work, and i am back, refreshed and once again ready to “battle’ for my beliefs and freedoms.

4 thoughts on “release of frustrations and “once more unto the breach”

  1. These days I really wish I could just stay in the woods forever.


  2. Suze, I’m “in and out of the woods” every day. Our white nationalist rally at UF was a non-event mostly at the behest of local activists. “Don’t give them the media coverage they seek. Ignore them.” I’m not sure that is sound advice but it worked in Gainesville. Short story in the local newspaper.
    It’s a juggling act maintaining sanity and involvement at the same time. You and I are lucky to have a program working for us.


    1. ignoring bad behavior is a good thing. I think if the protestors would just ignore the WS the morons would have noone to shout at and they’d just go away ….maybe. lol


      1. Today’s newspaper did a short recap. The WS were far outnumbered, Spencer’s speech was mostly drowned out by shouting and chants. Yes, the inherent goodness of people, a power which I call God, overwhelmed the darkness. Lesson to be learned, maybe?


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