Jack has it right.

Didn’t vote for Clinton, so you pissed away Obama’s last Supreme Court nomination. Now the Pussy Grabber could be looking at one or even two more nominations sealing a conservative majority on the Court for a generation. We could lose every gain we’ve made during the past 60 years. Didn’t vote for Clinton. Are you happy now?

via Meme: The Supreme Court — The Psy of Life

2 thoughts on “Jack has it right.

  1. So many people had their brains disconnected by the choice given to us. On one hand a lady with a lot of political baggage but, also a lifetime of public service. On the other hand a self-promoting moron with his own secretive baggage and absolutely no service other than to himself. What were the voters thinking? Suze, the election of 2016 had me in my “thinking” closet for a long time trying to sort this out. I finally accepted that HP will use this somehow in someway for good things. We may not see it in our lifetimes, but history books will tell our grandchildren that November of 2016 was the time people got real serious about loving their neighbors as themselves. I see it on this blogging endeavor. People who follow goodness have been motivated.


    1. I hope so………..I hope with all my heart, mind and soul that you are right.


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