I honestly do not understand why people are so very shocked to hear about women being sexually abused or assaulted.  It seems they think it is an anomaly of some sort.

I have written about the abuse I have been subjected to over the years in prior posts, so I won’t go into that again.

I do want to talk about a job I had. I was a counselor intern working on my practicum.  A practicum for a drug counselor in the state I was then living in consisted of 240 hours of volunteer work assisting counselors in an outpatient facility. My “advisor” was an older man who had been counseling for about ten years.  He was an addict in recovery (as are most LCDC’s in that state).

On a daily basis, I was subjected to remarks about my body, or my hairstyle, makeup or clothing.  I was told on a daily basis that I should “act happier” to be examined this closely by a “supervisor”.  I was told I had “such perky breasts”, a “really fine ass”…a “perfect mouth for sucking dick”….and worse.

I repeatedly told this supervisor that his comments were inappropriate, that they were “hurtful and demeaning”, that he “needs to stop it NOW”. None of which changed his behavior in the least.

I had absolutely no choice in my practicum assignment. I attempted several times to get a new assignment and was told by the licensing agency that once started a practicum needed to be completed or a license would be withheld. I reported his behavior to his superior (a female) who said “oh, he doesn’t mean anything by it. Just tell him to shut up”.

One day I was asked to pick up this man at his home and bring him to work (car in the shop).  I figured it would be “safe’ enough as he was married. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell. After a few minutes the door opened and I heard him say “come on in, I’m almost ready”. When I walked through the door, he was standing behind it.  Naked and holding a small towel in front of his groin. I don’t remember what I said except for a gasp of shock and a disgusted “for God’s sake!”.

I rushed back out to wait in the car.

His remark as he got into the car was “why’d you rush out?”.  Seriously? I told him I was disgusted by his attitude and behavior. I told him if he ever said anything else sexual in nature to me, or pulled another stunt like that I would turn him in to the state licensing agency and sue the crap out of him for sexual assault. He was snickering at me by the time I finished and said “I’m an addict. What do you expect?”

I “expected” professional behavior from a professional.

2 thoughts on “#MeToo

  1. Suze, you got my blood boiling. I’ve had the same experience from men (just because I’m gay they think I want to play) and women (I believe it’s a power thing). Our society, it’s entertainment, its preoccupation with sex condones this behavior. And now our POTUS boasts of his conquests. Speaking out is the only way this will stop. Perhaps our society needs to be brought to its knees before it sees the light. I dunno. The Amendment 1 rights to speak and express freely do not give anyone the license to trample over my inalienable right granted by a Creator to assume Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


  2. I would not have waited in the car, too much of a temper…I was what they now call sexually harassed every day in an office of myself and two middleaged men when I was 18.


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