Tiny Expectations (I’m no Dickens!)

Yes, I did go there.  I don’t know why people seem to expect me to write a novel…or even a book of any sort…but they do! I’m no Dickens after all.

I have had several now ask me “why haven’t you written a book about that?” Not that I know what “that” is. 

I can write short stories…I can even write a novella (I did already and it totally sucks). I just don’t like trying to keep track of characters or a storyline.  I rather like to wander around from here to there…even over that-a-way sometimes. I hate traveling in an ordered way.

Even when taking a road trip I can not bear to go directly there from here…I have to meander around and see all the strange and/or wonderful things along the way.

Can you imagine a book that I would write?

I’d start out all fast and furious, characters growing exponentially, storyline blazing new trails…then all of a sudden my characters would be flopping around like dying fish out of water.

They flop this way, then that..eventually coming back around but the whole idea of the book would have been killed while all that flopping was going on.

Nah, I’d rather just babble away at nothing for a time and see what eventually pops up in print. Like this post.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Expectations (I’m no Dickens!)

  1. I like babble. A book seems like too much work for my ADD brain.


    1. I thought (briefly) about writing a book..then Prakash wrote about nanomojowrimorestuff or whatever….and I thought some more. Nope. Not me. I choose to babble-on……….lol


  2. I love that title and comment. Thanks for writing your blog, I really enjoy it!


  3. This made me laugh! Your characters flopping around! 🙂


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