What have we become?

I was “visiting” a friend’s page on a social media site this afternoon. I just wanted to see how he and his wife were doing, and how their adopted kids were…he’s fine. The wife is fine…the kids are fine.

I scrolled down a bit through some posts people had sent him and came upon one that just made me curious. It was a post that said “TRUTH” then went on to “quote” President Trump’s comments to the gold star wife in Florida…

The White House has stated what was said (three different versions so far) and the gist of it all is that Mr. Trump didn’t remember the young man’s name and his remarks didn’t make the young widow feel any better. The family is consistent in what they said the conversation was all about, as were the people with the family during the phone call. Okay, enough background…………

The comments on this supposed quote from the President ranged from “see, we KNEW Mr Trump didn’t say anything bad” to “All liberals are Pieces of S***”: to “we need to just kill every M***F*** Liberal on the planet”.

The very next post was a “Christian” post praising Jesus for throwing out the money changers in the Temple and had the following comments (with the cursing deleted..well, modified with symbols)

“Jesus would have voted for Trump! He’s a good Christian man trying to do a job that those F*** Libtards keep F*** up”

“We need to round up everyone that doesn’t believe in Jesus and just hang them all”

“You can’t trust anyone anymore. There should be a law that says love Jesus or get out of this country” with the answer…”You can’t do that. Just bash their F*** brains out instead or hang em all in the middle of town as a example”.

Now…granted this person is not responsible for posts people send to him and I doubt he believes any of the things people were posting…but, by not remarking about it, isn’t that just condoning what was said?  Isn’t that just giving permission for more people to go off the rails?

Is this is the way are going to be treating each other from now on? calling each other horrendous names? threatening each other with mutilation and death?

Everyone that reads my junk KNOWS I absolutely hate the fact that Trump is our president and I seriously believe the man is as flawed as a human can be. I know he is at a minimum extremely mentally ill and I know his behavior and attitudes are a clear and present danger to my country. Everyone should know that I think the people who voted for this horrid man are at best misinformed and uneducated and at worst bigots or racists.  I DO NOT WANT THEM DEAD.

I do NOT want them tortured, sent to a deserted island or jailed for their beliefs.  I don’t know of any person that leans left in their political thinking who DOES. I’m sure there is one or two, but please don’t tell me who they are. it’s bad enough I know who the people are on the opposite political field who want me dead because I dislike intensely the administration.

My own son has accused me of “hating” President Trump. I do not hate the man. I hate his policies. I hate his inability to be rational. I hate his lack of empathy or judgment.

Yes, I am afraid of what my country will ultimately become should Trump manage to remain in office for four (or Dear Lord more) years. All civil rights will be flushed if he continues the way he started.  But I don’t want the man DEAD. I don’t want his deluded followers DEAD.

I haven’t seen this kind of open hatred since the 1960s to tell you the absolute truth.

We all need to start speaking out against the hatred.  I don’t care WHICH side politically, religiously, or any other -ly you can think of…this is an American problem and it needs to be stopped by Americans.

I left a comment on one of the “worst” remarks I read.  I said simply “I don’t wish harm to anyone. I don’t like Mr Trump’s policies, but I do not wish him OR YOU to come to any harm. Why do you wish it on me?” and left it at that.

20 minutes later and I have 14 remarks back. Most, granted are horrible and I won’t repeat them. TWO of them simply say “I’m sorry”.

Every time we make a post…or read a post…we can make a difference in how others see it.  We can stop the name calling and the threats. It isn’t easy…we have to actually DO something. What will you do?




9 thoughts on “What have we become?

  1. I think you’re right. You can’t let completely horrible stuff stand. At the same time, a person could spend all day pushing back on the hateful comments that are out there. I sort of set a timer and do what I can.


  2. It is disheartening and discouraging. I felt the same reading some twitter comments. There are a lot of people who are disgruntled on both sides. I agree with the 1960s reference. The Vietnam protests divided a lot of people especially, and civil rights. I try to respect others opinions, but I don’t think there’s any reason for hate or namecalling, threats, etc. I think it is frightening,especially for my grandchildren.


  3. I agree with Jan in her comment…..put a timer on the amount of bull I’m willing to absorb each day from pathetic people trashing my sensibilities. I don’t read news in the morning and watch just one nightly news report, either Reuters or Aljazeera.
    I’m still working on sainthood, so I’ll stay out here on my unenlightened limb and continue “hating Trump”. Sorry folks, I have no other barometer to go by. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt just gets me deeper and deeper into the bullshit floating around in his head. It is not a nice place to be. PHeeeew


  4. Amen Suze…

    I’ve been trying to write something pretty similar but I just can’t get my angle right… We are experiencing the same phenomenom here in Quebec. Last week three major public men were accused of almost countless sexual assaults and misbehaviors.

    People went berserk on social medias… I mean, I, of course, am against all kinds of sexual assaults! But… I am appaled to see the public’s reaction on Facebook and Twitter, and such medias.

    Hate, hate, hate everywhere. And I know that if I say anything about the bashing, the reaction will be “you’re on these bastards’ side???”

    There was no trial yet. And even if the 3 of them are guilty… I don’t see the point in all this hate.

    Ughhhhh people disappoint me!


  5. My fear for the future of our country is that if Trump is removed from office for obstruction of justice or collusion with Russia to sabotage last November’s election or for other “high crimes and misdemeanors,” or even if he’s not re-elected in 2020, that his rabid supporters will take up arms and start an insurrection and the threats of harm and violence directed toward liberals will me more than just Twitter and Facebook threats. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m seriously afraid that I’m not.


    1. I’m right there with you on that fear. I daily hear people that say they want to just “kill all the damned liberals”. I truly think many will try.


  6. I am disappointed that stuff like that is even allowed on social media. Back in the day before the Internet became mainstream, comments could lead you to losing your access.


    1. not anymore. Unless you specifically threaten to kill someone, comments stay up forever. it’s awful!


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