I got nuthin

Why on Earth would we want to write about TRADEMARK? I mean what’s there to say?  Should I grab a picture off the net of the Golden Arches or a stupid giggling boy made of dough?

George just informed me I should trademark “Suze”…as there are so many Suze’s out there and I could make a fortune off the lawsuits I could generate.  I think he’s full of hooey!

There are too many blasted lawsuits out there now…why increase some shyster lawyers financial status over my name?

Yep, I have nothing.

3 thoughts on “I got nuthin

  1. I like the Pillsbury doughboy…..makes me….well….giggle. Suze, the “Super Protestor”. Caped, pink boots and rhinestone studded mask. Don’t you see the potential, Suze?


    1. ohhhhhhhh, I like the cape! I already have rhinestone studded bifocals! this could work….lol


  2. Absolutely, it would work. I can see you now on CNN being interviewed.


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