Wednesday Music: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

I was wandering around WP looking for a weekly challenge and came across Wednesday Music hosted by Fluent Historian.

And I realized that all those horrid childhood piano lessons just might have come in handy after all.

My Mother was an organist and decided that all of her children should play a musical instrument. She decided I would take piano lessons, and I began at the age of six. I had a harridan of a teacher to begin who used to yell that I needed to practice every day and would smack my fingers with a ruler when I didn’t arch my hands correctly.

I soon refused to practice at all and would develop a stomach ache every Saturday morning when she was due to arrive. Eventually, my parents found another teacher.  He was a college student and quite nice. I finally learned to play with Steven as my teacher.

Steven had a love of the music of Debussy and introduced it to me the second lesson. he played this song for me and said I would soon be able to play it too if I practiced a bit. He said it took him a month to learn, so don’t be discouraged if it took me a while.

Knowing that this wonderful man had to practice for a month took away the tedium of practice and also gave me an incentive to try. I began to actually LIKE playing. So here it is…Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Music: Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

  1. Love it Suze. What if the whole world would sit down to 1/2 hour of classical music first thing in the morning?


    1. it would surely calm people down, wouldn’t it?


  2. I enjoyed your post and it made me decide to join the challenge.


    1. glad to see someone else take it up!


  3. This music would be nice on low on a Bose stereo system at bedtime. 12 minutes and you’d be snoozing nicely.

    I played piano from 5-10. I had to practice 1 hour a day until Mrs. Ross the music teacher told my Mother she didn’t think I was interested. To this day, just like riding a bicycle, I can play every note I learned between the age of 5-10. Beyond that, I love listening to piano music. I wonder if more of it was played in the house aside from my practicing, I may have continued playing it as well.


    1. I stopped my lessons at the age of thirteen. I never did learn how to read music. I have dyslexia and it seems to interfere with learning musical notes. I can still play the melodies though I learned in childhood.


  4. One of my all-time favourite pieces of music. Thanks:-)


    1. You are so welcome. I LOVE this piece!


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