Surreal Suze

I really like the Greek word, hypnagogic, instead of the French Surreal.  It just sounds neat. Not “neat” like un-messy, but “neat” like cool….oh sheesh. Well the cool is meant as wonderful, not some lack of hotness.  And the hotness is temperature, not a manly-man type.  Maybe I should just start over. I seem to be typing in circles.

I stole this picture from

It’s been one of those days. Not only is my mind traveling around without a blasted map, but the household chores have become a series of blunders. I should have known the blog would do the same just to annoy me.

I am bloody-well convinced that the blog writes itself and really has nothing to do with whatever i am thinking about. So this post is the blog’s fault.

We are expecting the first real cold front late this evening, so I have been out trying to winterize the house.

That means basically taking down the hoses, draining and storing them; putting plastic around the window a/c units and duct taping the heck of of them so the plastic stays put and freezingland air doesn’t sneak in under the dad-gummed units (like it did last year…thanks Cyranny!), and all the potted plants suddenly need to have an indoor home instead of a front porch home.

All of this junk is inevitably laid at MY feet since George “works”.

To top it all off, my hinky back (which aches during the best of days) decided I needed to experience excruciating sciatica.  Just what I need, right? it’s bad enough I have wrinkles (where in heck did THOSE come from) and my hair is now 98% white instead of my luscious auburn…now I get to add constant immobilizing back pain to the list of old age crap to deal with………like memory.  I can remember what I did at age 5 but breakfast this morning is a memory long gone and unrecoverable.

I once walked around the house for four hours looking for my reading glasses which were perched on top of my head!

Granted old-age is so much better than the alternative…but really! It isn’t fair to have everything fall apart at the same time.

I mean, we all of us have to age…but when one starts out as this………….

And end up like this………….


Picasso’s “woman”



it’s just plain HYPNOGOGIC!

Ok, so it isn’t surreal…it is cubism, but you get the drift, right? And, no, I don’t actually look like that either…Although I am probably more cubist than surreal, and definitely more Raphael-esque than cubist. I’d like to be Impressionistic I think…sort of softened and out of focus. Except I am probably out of focus enough already………..but the colors are nice.

Does anyone remember what I was talking about?


4 thoughts on “Surreal Suze

  1. No, not really, but I think we had fun. Remember waking up from a tough night being the life of the party and you can’t find your dentures (I’ve had mine forever)? and you have to ask your friends if you had a good time. Your post is somewhat like that. I like hypnogogic.


    1. so glad I could bring back such marvelous memories! rofl


  2. Dear Suze, I think of you as an impressionistic rambling rose 🙂


    1. what an incredibly wonderful thing to say! 😀


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