Through a glass darkly


I can tell is it getting near Halloween……..yea, the daily prompter has even become part of the Halloween mania with the word’o’the’day……  

I happen to like orange…..the color and the fruit. My entire house….well the two largest rooms are painted a shade of orange.  Thank Goodness George doesn’t mind and actually likes the color too. It could be a bit…………well, disturbing is a word a neighbor used when first seeing it.

I think the color is most associated with Halloween because of pumpkins.  I mean, the Great Pumpkin only shows up during Halloween to give presents to every child overnight, and HE is obviously orange.   

It’s amazing actually I remember the Great Pumpkin.  I think it was 1966 that it first aired on television. My baby sister sat in my lap and peed on me during the second half of it..I am pretty sure she was just two and learning how NOT to use a diaper. She peed on me a lot that year. I loved her anyway.

I remember buying her a small stuffed great pumpkin that Christmas, with a tiny Linus to go with it. She actually loved that only left her possession long enough to be chewed into a million pieces by Sparky, my brother’s new puppy.

That was also the year my little brother, Charlie, started up with the stupid “jokes” about fruit……..the horrible “knock-knock” jokes….and others with a punch line that made no sense at all but would leave him crying from laughter and all the rest of us shaking our heads in befuddlement.

“What eats people and is purple?  A purple people eater!”  See, I TOLD you they were stupid!  I wondered just what exactly those teachers at the elementary school were teaching kids Charlie’s age………

1966 was the first year I took my baby sister “trick or treat”ing too. We dressed her up as a hula dancer…..I was a cowgirl.

Took me an hour to find this picture in my albums. That’s Cynthia Nuckles next to me in the Mount Vernon cook’s outfit. And I am pretty sure the cowboy clown is her baby brother JayJay. Charlie had the Chicken Pox that year and wasn’t allowed out of bed, so i carried an extra bag for him.

It’s so strange looking back the fifty years or so to this picture from my past.  I look at it and see friends, see my childhood and can wax nostalgic……..yet I feel absolutely nothing else. It is like looking through a glass darkly….images showing, knowing a visceral reaction should be there, yet nothing is felt.

Now, how did I get here from where I began?


6 thoughts on “Through a glass darkly

  1. Orange is a good color. For a long time in my childhood home we had orange shag carpet, and orange drapes. The walls were knotty pine. I still like orange. Cute Halloween photo! 🙂


  2. Funny how things you remember from childhood are bittersweet, sometimes just bitter. Weird also your bringing this up because I just was talking with my sister about our childhood. She being eleven years older, a lot of differences.


  3. I also love orange….and green, and red, and yellow, and blue. Hmmmm I must be muti-colorational.
    Your comment about some things of the past and not feeling anything. Hits home. Thanks Suze for helping me realize that it is ok not to feel anything about some family memories.


    1. it is not only okay, it is sometimes absolutely necessary for good mental health to feel nothing. love ya.


  4. Well, the Great Pumpkin character who gives out presents has clearly never visited UK. Never heard of him…… we’re not really into Halloween as much as you guys over the big sea. Love your old photo! Are you wearing the costume again this week?


    1. oh how I wish I could fit into that old costume. No, I actually stopped celebrating Halloween that year. The next I simply wore my regular clothes to take Anne out to beg for candy. Though if I decided to do the dress-up thing, I could have my choice of Egyptian and Mexican clothing…..heck I even have clothes that are Guatemalan.


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