It isn’t always about what I prefer, is it?

I’d RATHER go to a doctor at his or her office. I’d rather go anywhere other than the free clinic in town.  I don’t have that option though if I wish to receive any kind of treatment for whatever ills of the day are annoying me.

I lost my insurance after the second heart attack. I lost far more than just my healthcare…but that is a different story.

Now, I am un-insurable according to my finances.  I could get “high risk” insurance but since George doesn’t make 5K a month, we just can’t afford it….so I utilize the free clinic…and health fairs.

This morning I am off to wait in line for five or six hours so I can get a flu shot.  It is worth it to me, but annoying that I have to waste so much time in order to get it. I would prefer that doc’s office visit,..or even a visit to a local pharmacy……….but I don’t have insurance and can’t afford it.  A new doc visit is an average of 350.00. A visit to a pharmacy for a shot only is $45.00………and that is too high for the budget we have.


6 thoughts on “It isn’t always about what I prefer, is it?

  1. Aren’t you glad to live in the age of Trump, where “everyone is going to have great health care and the premiums and deductibles will be so low and it will be the best health care, believe me.”


    1. yep.. I am SO looking forward to that! lol


  2. Suze, I’ve been looking for things about which to be grateful this morning. It’s tough sometimes, but you lit a fire under my ass. I’m 70, got Medicare, got heart disease so I qualify for a discount on Medicare Supplemental insurance and as added security I have VA care. Now, if I could only get grateful about pending homelessness (not going to happen, I love camping, have a pickup and enough cash stashed to buy a camper) Hang in there Sweetie, your President promised affordable health care……for the rich.


    1. Hey, I am extremely grateful for the annual health care expo downtown..and the volunteers at my free clinic. I really am. If we were still in Texas we would have exactly ZERO access to healthcare. Both hospitals in town were privately owned for profits. Yea, I have no doubt that 45’s healthcare plan will be a “not for you” plan……….poor George doesn’t make 450K a year working for Hospice, ya know.


  3. I think you are a brave efficiency expert. It is ridiculous to even think about his type of healthcare reform. Thank God for the free clinics and the medical personnel who run them. I am on Medicare and my premium has risen dramatically this year, but I’m still grateful after two long term hospital visits in the last three years. I had excellent visiting nurses when I went home who were heaven sent. I am thankful.


    1. I have one year to Medicare…just one. and am praying it is still in existence when that year is up…AND that the attempt to make the age requirement 70 instead of 65 fails!


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