So, I went to the health fair this morning………….

So, I went to the health fair this morning and not only received a flu shot, but was weighed and screened for all kinds of hideous things.

This isn’t me, it’s the lady in front of me and my cute student nurse!

But, (and it is a huge BUT) I also found out that the diabetes nurse who has been seeing us for the past three years, providing services on a department of health federal grant is no longer going to provide services.  Yep, that’s right. She had her funding cut by 100%!

There were six groups of diabetes classes per year, with individual counseling sessions once per month for everyone who attended class. She provided medications for those who needed them. She provided initial testing kits (those are absolutely necessary to determine the amount of insulin or other medications daily), she provided nutrition classes…………and it is over now. She had to find another job.

She was told just a day or so ago that her federal grant would not be renewed.  It didn’t matter that her patient statics were incredible, that she saw over 400 people in the past 3 years that otherwise would have had zero contact with doctors.  It didn’t matter that she eliminated hospital emergency room contacts for her patients, thus saving thousands of dollars.

Nope, Health and Human Services cut off ALL ancillary grants.

The free clinic I attend, THANK GOD, utilize community funding, local grants and donations. They lost their one and only Federal grant at the beginning of the year. For a while they had to open up only three times a month instead of six in a money saving effort.  A local business that wanted to remain anonymous gave them enough to open on their regular schedule. (It was never announced, or acknowledged here who the donor was…but we found out anyway.  If you have a chance, use FIRESTONE when you need auto stuff or tires!!!)

I am truly grateful I now live in a town that believes in giving. Without their generosity I would have no healthcare at all. But it frustrates me, and scares me, to think of the people in charge of our government being so focused upon giving a bazillion dollars to the Military and cutting any social services they don’t like or use themselves.

For a group that says they are all about “human life” it just plain annoys the crap out of me that they systematically destroy people’s chances of receiving any healthcare or social services.

4 thoughts on “So, I went to the health fair this morning………….

  1. Reblogged on my FB page. Great post, Suze. I fear it’s just the beginning


  2. I’m sorry to hear about those cuts in funding. It’s ridiculous.

    Those cuts are harmful on two fronts:

    First, like you said, People are losing vital access to health care and the services that were being offered are preventative, which helps bring down emergency room costs. That’s like someone trying to save 50 cents at the grocery store after they blew $2,000 on video games.

    Second, it’s cruel. Shouldn’t Americans —and more importantly, people in general — help each other out?

    Sadly, it’s not just about increasing the military budget, but getting more money to contractors and giving millionaires and billionaires unneeded tax cuts.


    1. I was trying not to get my dander up by the non-mention of govt contractors and govt officials acting badly…though I wholeheartedly agree.


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