Gratefully yours

Gratitude…….a noun. Meaning to feel thankful for something. From the Latin Gratis (to please) and Tudin (to actively feel).  Wow, I always impress the heck out of myself when I remember my high school Latin.  Remembering the college Latin course is so much easier as I was older then and it isn’t so far in the distant past!

Gratitude is active.  It doesn’t remain static, instead it changes, grows…sometimes recedes.

I am grateful for many things in my life.  The fact that I HAVE one is top of my list.  Every single day, no matter the pain from sciatica and a couple of compressed to the point of non-existence discs in my lovely lumbar region, I am exceedingly grateful to simply be alive.

I am grateful for my best friend, my husband of 30 years.  He’s steady, responsible and loving.  I am grateful he loves ME.  I am not the easiest person on the planet to love and yet he does so, and shows it every hour of the day (when he’s awake that is).

I am grateful for the city in which we live.  Talk about Mayberry on steroids! It is a 1950’s attitude of a town when neighbors loved and looked out for each other with a 21st century vibe and amenities.

I am exceedingly grateful for our cottage.  I am MORE grateful for the man who sold it to us on a handshake.  Yes, it is that kind of town. Our finances were in the toilet along with our credit rating, yet this lovely man “liked the look of us”, shook our hands and said “sold”.

I am grateful that this town has volunteers for just about every service, from healthcare to home repair.

There are quite literally thousands of things that i feel grateful about…even (are you ready for this?)  the idiots in office that drive me rabidly angry.  It stirs my blood, makes me focus, gives me a windmill to tilt towards each day. It gives me a reason to argue, protest and rabble rouse………which after all is what i have been doing since the 1970’s.  I’d feel quite simply lost without someone or something to protest.

6 thoughts on “Gratefully yours

  1. I didn’t know you had sciatica and discs. I have those and every other back disease possible. It’s a real pita! I was still walking in pain until 2013, since I was 18 and my dad forced me straight up after I lifted a camp table and started the back problem. He made me stand straight up and the pain shot down. Not a good memory.


    1. so very sorry you have them too. I was told I needed a disc replacement operation. I asked about pain after surgery and was told “you’ll get used to it”. I said no thanks. It only acts up every now and again (I went five years between bouts this last time) so i refuse to even think about surgery.


  2. Attitude of gratitude….you’re living it my friend. I agree about the protesting thing. Gives me reason to get out of bed in the morning


  3. That’s why I’m in the chair –2 failed surgeries two months apart, so I wouldn’t recommend it. But a friend had a more simple problem and surgery worked for him, but it was fifteen years later and a new doc.


  4. I would tell him off, like “get used to it? Excruciating pain?” Makes me mad just thinking of it since I was told for years it was all in my head….doctors….


    1. I did tell him off. I lost my insurance quite quickly after that so I actually don’t have to concern myself with a surgery. I don’t have 26K dollars just lying around wanting to go to some doc in the box. lol


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