to fluff or not to fluff..that isn’t the question

Fluff??  George just said “Fluff? They should have a prompt about cow pies! That would be more interesting.”

I tend to agree.

fluffy bunny

Ok, fluff.  fluffy…puffy..furry…silly…filler…….there ya go. fluff in six words.

Isn’t that a challenge somewhere? a post in six words?

I woke up this morning to the news that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates turned themselves in to the FBI.  Good! Now, let’s hope that Jr., Kelly, Jared et al have to turn themselves in soon. Then maybe we can get rid of the Cheeto-in-chief and start over.

Yes, I KNOW that Pence will be absolutely HORRIBLE. But at least he won’t blow us all to kingdom come with a vendetta against a tiny little dictator across the ocean. At least we can work with the Bigot in chief as opposed to the Cheeto. I know that is a sorry way to look at our government, but it’s the best I can hope for at this point.

I would prefer to see Pence taken down as well as Ryan and McConnel but I think they are intelligent enough to protect their own asses and we won’t be able to indict any of them.

On a better note, my sciatica is significantly better today. I am hoping (and praying) for complete movement in the next week or so.

As a catch-up….this past week the only things I have managed to accomplish have been:

  1. did a load of laundry without assistance
  2. made four jars of sweet pickle relish
  3. faxed, emailed and called every single congressman and senator about healthcare and gun cntrol.
  4. faxed, emailed and called every single State rep and senator about the state budget and the stupid “Christian sharia laws” they are trying to pass.

Not bad for someone unable to get out of the bed without a crane or her hubby’s assistance, huh?

3 thoughts on “to fluff or not to fluff..that isn’t the question

  1. You cover a lot of territory in one post…..from fluff to Sharia, from idiot Trump to bigot Pence, from sciatica to pickle relish. Pheeew! I’m wore out already. The indictment news is exciting, but don’t get too optimistic. Remember that Trump has the power to pardon and has alluded to using that power…..the pardoning Cheeto…hmmmm. Mental image of an orange pope dousing everyone with cheese dust……think maybe he could also douse Pence with fairy dust? What a hoot….Pence at his “coming out” party…rainbow flags for everyone. Ahhhh Suze, I think I forgot my morning meds.


  2. Wow, you do a lot in a day….I feel lazy!


    1. lol
      some days I do nothing except wade through online posts or play games on fb……lol


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