NanoPoblano…..write every day in November challenge

OK, I have to admit I missed this last year (and the year before)…I was either busy


not paying attention


feeding the dogs…………….

let’s face it, I don’t know how or WHY I missed it, but I did.

I only saw it now because of Cheryl and Barbara…….I love challenges and I adore those two ladies (besides I can not allow them to accomplish a challenge without me following along)  so here goes nuthin! A month of posts with a ping a ling to Rarasaur for thinking it up!

So, what to talk about first?  I think I almost wrote a complete post before the read more thingy but I’d better do something else just to make sure this post qualifies as a “real” post instead of just some more of Suze’s blather.

George, the hubby, is actually OFF on Thanksgiving this year. now, George is a nurse..a hospice nurse to be exact…and he was an ARMY nurse before he started with Hospice……so he and I have never (Yep, I just said NEVER) had a holiday on the right day together…..


I don’t actually know what to do with the knowledge that we will have a Thanksgiving together!  Now, I am a bit wierd when it comes to holidays. I either overplay them or completely ignore any customs that rational people like to enjoy.  For example…everyone I know has a turkey at Thanksgiving. 

Not me…for the past 20 plus years I have either had a pizza or Chinese food for Thanksgiving…This year I still don’t want the traditional turkey meal……I am seriously considering……….a pot roast! Yep. sounds good, doesn’t it?


This means of course that I have to get my friend Angie to cook it. (Nope, have no clue how to cook a pot roast). I know how they are supposed to look, I just have no idea how to take one from a package of raw meat to a cooked pot roast.

Now, if Angie cooks it that means we get to eat at HER house….thus I get out of cooking and STILL have a wierd thing for Thanksgiving dinner! All I need to do now is convince her.



5 thoughts on “NanoPoblano…..write every day in November challenge

  1. Chicken! Yes you heard me…pot roast is easy. You can even buy a bag of already cut up veggies, but you have a garden, so that blows that excuse. Do you have an electric skillet or crockpot? Easy Peasy. ES version, Pam the pan or grease it. Heat it up hot to sear the meat. Then turn it down, add your favorite seasonings, a dissolved buillion cube or beef broth, veggies, cover and simmer or the number above simmer, till done to your liking. Crock pot, same only sear meat first, then add everything, then simmer or low. Even overnight makes the most tender meat. I love fresh carrots, onions, potatoes, celery in mine. Even turnips and winter squash are tasty. The only thing to check is the liquid, you might need to add some.


    1.! Yea, you! I’ve never made one before. I don’t eat red meat, so I sorta don’t know what to do with red meat…I don’t even eat “real” hamburgers but ground pork or turkey…lol andddddd, my garden was frozen solid this past week…dang Okie weather!


  2. Yay for your first NanoPoblano post! … Mmm pot roast sounds good. Nothing wrong with having non traditional meal on holidays. We do that most of the time, since we aren’t that fond of turkey. We’ve had chili cook-offs with family, or Mexican food, a pot roast, spaghetti, and lots of others. I’m sure whatever you have will be extra special since your mister will be joining you this time! 🙂


  3. I’ve wanted to eliminate the turkey from Thanksgiving for years, but there are a few members of my extended family who would really miss it. I guess I’m saying, if you want to take the leap, sometimes you need to have the right crowd. I keep trying!


    1. Go for it! They will eat it, whatever “IT” is……lol


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