a slow simmer………………

My internal temps have been on a slow simmer ever since the election last year…they reached a boil today.

On top of all the other horrors of our Republican filled government, the new tax bill has finally entered the senate.  AND, it not only decimates the finances of the poor and middle class, but it gives enormous benefits to the upper 1%!  It takes away most of the mortgage deduction…it takes away the IRA deduction from a majority of tax payers……it takes away the medical deduction……..it takes away the deductions for household help, senior care, AND the earned income credit! It takes away the education credit, the EPA credit (that would be home improvements to reduce our energy footprint). It takes away the property tax deduction and state tax payments.

Lucky parents will see the child credit go up by a whopping $100.00. WOW!

Their “explanation”? well, taxes won’t be paid on the first 24K income.  Taxes are set on a sort of sliding scale right now. 10% is the lowest income tax and that is for anyone making $0.00 to @$13500.  Yea, I think that 10% of zero is pretty remarkable myself. The bill raises the tax ratios as well, so that 10% lowest bracket is raised to @15%…etc.

Social Security and Medicare are both big losers in this plan even though the Cheeto-in-chief has stated they “will not touch SS or Medicare”.  Just one more blasted LIE from the Idiot in the White House! I swear, I really and truly hope the Tea Partiers and Republicans that voted these morons into office are HAPPY with what “their” party is doing to the country!

We have just started to recover from the last depression of the 90’s…jobs are up, the gross national product is up as well.  I can guarantee they will drop like rocks if this bill passes! And, honestly? I am JUST AS DISGUSTED with the Independents and Democrats that refused to vote…because Hillary.

The corporate tax would be “permanently reduced” to 20%…they don’t pay their fair share already so we LOWER their taxes permanently? We don’t cut ANY business deductions?  We don’t cut any business exemptions?  HOW IS THAT FAIR?  Gee , that benefits the idiot president (emoluments clause, anyone?) and his immediate buddies in office, but does next to nothing for the rest of the country!

Trump has been twitting away about how wonderful it would be to see “Obamacare” disappear with this tax bill. Let’s just decimate the middle and lowest classes, why don’t we?  Hell, stick us all in front of a firing squad if THIS is making America great again!

I know, I know. I need to cool down. Two heart attacks and a TIA do not bode well for my future…especially if I keep listening to the news.  I only WISH I listened to the “fake news”. Life would be so much better. I could just relax and know that my measly $409.00 a month Social Security check is safe.

And next year will be even better with that HOOOGE 2% COL increase!  Yea, me! $411.00 a MONTH! Wahoo! Whatever will I do with all that money?  Oh wait…I will be paying for Medicare…that means my HOOGE pay increase will decrease by $128.00 a month and I STILL won’t qualify for Medicaid to pick up that payment as I MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY!!!


6 thoughts on “a slow simmer………………

  1. OK Suze, it’s highly likely his tax bill will not make it, so don’t let your blood boil away. If indeed, Congress does not collectively grow a pair and stand up to the anus-in-chief and his cronies, then we have a revolution on our hands. You and I are survivors, don’t forget it. Janis Joplin said “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” When millions of Americans like you and me have nothing left to lose, Trump and cronies will have nothing left to govern and exploit. Remember they make their billions producing a product or dispensing a service. Without us they go broke.


    1. I needed to hear that. Thanks Larry!


      1. You mean that or being facetious?


      2. I meant it sweetie. You and Cheryl always seem to say just the right thing to keep me from going postal on the cheeto.


  2. Posted on FB. Good Prost, informative and hopefully raise some intelligent responses.


  3. Amazing post! Love the detailing!


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