NanoPoblano, day 2

I keep thinking about peppers.  Yes, I know, I know….this IS the NanoPoblano Challenge after all and there’s a big ol pepper right smack in the middle of the badge…so what else should I be thinking of? Rarasaur had no idea what she was getting into when she created this thing….I bet she is shaking her head in complete confusion now that I have started posting in this thing. I feel sort of sorry for the poor girl…NOT!

So, what to write?  Who knows. I even watched the news for the first time in a week hoping for some juicy subject matter.  The idiots in Washington DC are still news there.  The Moron in the White House has converted being a moron into a whole new lifestyle…I have named it “Moronishism”.

There have been very, very few people that I have met that meet the criteria for living in the alternate universe of Moronishism.

A young woman in Mississippi a few years ago obviously lived there….she was working in a gas station “minimart” where I stopped for gas and a cup of coffee.  She growled at me if I needed anything else, and I said “no, ma’am”.  Now to me…ma’am is a sign of respect for a woman.  To her? well, she didn’t listen obviously because she thought I said “man” and she went off verbally at me screaming “do I LOOK like a man?” while shoving her big bust towards me.  I simply smirked and said “it’s possible” and left.

There was a roofer that was repairing our Texas house…who nailed his shoe to the roof with a roofing gun.  He managed to miss every toe, but his boot was attached to the roof and he simply stood there for an hour trying to yank up his foot. he never once considered taking OFF his boot and using a hammer to get the nail up.

There was a former City Council member (back in Texas) that was convinced evil spirits from Democrats were invading the City Council offices and walked three times around the building waving a bible at the building while chanting the 23rd psalm. I think she probably watched too many exorcist type movies.  Even the local preacher thought she was a “little bit loose in her goose”.  Some native of Texas will have to explain that ridiculous statement to me as I don’t get it. Two moronish people for the price of one!

But, honestly, the dudes in Washington surpass the Moronish-ness of any of those I have personally witnessed.

So, the television has been turned off (again) and I am finding other ways to pass the time.

I think i’ll go pickle some peppers.  At least when George asks me what i am doing I can say “I picked a peck of peppers that I am pickling!”


2 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 2

  1. I used to use pickedapeckofpickledpeppers as a password.


    1. oh my……I can’t remember my passwords. I have to write the suckers down in a little notebook, then look them up everytime I want to access anything!


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