Culture shock from moving 500 miles

When we lived in Texas we knew three of our immediate neighbors.  THREE!  I had tried to meet the others but none of them were interested in meeting a “yankee”. These were “real Texans”..those who could count their relatives back to the state of Tejas before the war (Mexican-American War that is)…those whose ancestors fought with “Steven Austin”.  yea right.

I wasn’t a “yankee” by any means.  Born and raised in a Southern state, speaking with a Southern accent, …I even cook Southern!  Now George can almost qualify as a “Yankee”…well except he is a German-American…one who may have been born here in Georgia but was raised in Germany, speaking German first…having a German-Swiss mom and a German-American father. I guess he is no more a “yankee’ than I am.

In any event, after twenty years of living in the same place we knew 3 people. Of course, my craziness could have been part of the problem…or was it a result? Who knows.

wear a plunger on your head day celebrations

Here in Enid, before we could move furniture into our new home, we had 7 different neighbors show up…some bearing gifts..others bearing our furniture and carrying it into our house for us!  What a culture shock that was!

We constantly have neighbors visiting, or we visit them.

The little girl next door adopted George and me as her Grandpa and Grandma……….when she has a choir concert at school or a school play the entire neighborhood shows up to watch and applaud her.  It just occurred to me that would be a perfect time for a burglar to show up.  12 houses on the block all empty at the same time for several hours!

The neighbors here all watch out for each other. Yesterday, it was a gorgeous fall day with crisp cold air and bright blue skies. I spent several hours cutting back bushes that needed pruning, and clearing the garden for the winter. The neighbor next door wandered over and started to help me break down branches and bundle them for the recycling pickup. He spent a few hours just doing yard work. we had a nice conversation and a lot of laughter which made the work so much easier.

If something like that had happened in Texas I would have wondered just what he was up to and what he wanted from me.  Here, it is expected that someone will help out.

We moved 500 miles, give or take a mile, and came to a whole new planet. A planet where people care for each other, and give of their time and energy.  They expect nothing in return.

6 thoughts on “Culture shock from moving 500 miles

  1. Sounds wonderful, if my family would relocate I would be happy to join you


    1. tell ya what…we would all be happy to see you here!


  2. Don’t tell Cheryl I said that


  3. I found that same thing between Oklahoma and Missouri……Okies were wonderful and the “show me” people were borderline…..hmmm not as wonderful. Love the plunger.


    1. thanks. I so enjoy my holidays!


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