NanoPoblano, Day 5

Day five of the peppery challenge AKA NanoPoblano, brought to us by the happiest cheerpepper of them all, Rarasaur!

I love challenges. I don’t like playing by their rules, but I love writing them, thinking about them or completing them. This one caught my eye because of the oddball name. I LOVE oddball names!

I have been known by a few odd or wierd ones myself…there was Soupi back in my early college days. It started out as “Sue P.” and morphed one rather drunken night into Soupi…and it stuck. Even my dad started calling me Soupi.

Then it was Suzalicious….yea, I know, I know. Trite beyond words and sexist as hell….and I LOVED it! I was in my twenties and even I have to admit was sexy as all hell. I was working in a bar… I wasn’t drawing drafts…I was dancing in a bikini…or lingerie…..yes, I know. BUT, I had two babies to feed and it was about 50 dollars an hour…when minimum wage was less than 4 bucks an hour. Six months of a disgusting job and I had enough for a car, an apartment, a babysitter and went off to find a better job.

Then I was Suzi….early thirties and my boss rarely remembered  my name.  That stuck for about five years.  Then I found my gumption and said….”My name is spelled SUZAN..I prefer SUZE”.  Yes, it is odd. I don’t care. I LIKE my name.  AND, every single one of my online gamer friends knows who that new “toon” is the minute they see the name Suze.

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