NanoPoblano, day 6

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you even tried!

That could have been my motto for years when I was younger.

I was the kid that my parents thought would “never make anything of myself”…the one that “was sensible, too bad about her looks”…the one that would forever and always would be a “liar” because I told a lie at age six.

There was no pleasing my family, so every time I tried (and failed) to impress, I hid the effort.

It seemed like the intelligent thing to do at the time.

It took years, but eventually I did learn that it really doesn’t matter what any of my family think about me. It matters what I think about me.

Life has been so much nicer since I came to that conclusion.


Keep your mouth shut. It is harder to find a foot in it that way.

I used to say things and regret them almost immediately.  I’d be rude and spiteful when someone inadvertently hurt my feelings.

I was known for my sarcasm and snark…and I was also known as a “Bitch”.  I had few friends…I also had far fewer people hurting me emotionally.

Now, I speak what I think…I just try to be a little more diplomatic about the endeavor. I realized that I am the only one in charge of my emotions…no one can “make me’ feel a certain way.

I leave out comments about the speaker, and just speak to the statements.

I discovered people will actually LISTEN when one speaks that way. I can still be sarcastic in an ironic way, but try not to be personal about it when I do.

People LISTEN more when you aren’t attacking them, but an idea instead.

I win far more arguments this way.





1 thought on “NanoPoblano, day 6

  1. Lots of wisdom in your words. I still bark and snarl and it never achieves a good result.


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