NanoPoblano, day 7

Day three again? or possibly day 24 of some other blog challenge?  Nah, the challenge is to write a NEW post every day (which I already try to do) and just go for it….so, without further ado………….what IS further ado anyway?

This lovely little phrase comes to us through all of time and space…….actually, it was first used in the 14th century in Britain.  Not exactly “all of time and space” that just sounded cool.  Ado is only used now in two phrases, both saved by Willy Shakespeare for us to listen to and misuse. Ado means time-wasting bother over trivial details. Isn’t that a great definition?

Much ado about Nothing“…his play…and “without further ado” from Henry !!, yet another play.

Aren’t you glad you woke up this morning so you could learn that?

I collect odd words and phrases..then spout forth with them in strange places.  I like the looks of complete befuddlement that occur when I do.

Bandog is another cool word from the way-back machine…..Hopefully everyone understood the Mr Peabody and Sherman reference….if not here’s a reminder of what the Heck Suze just referenced.

Okay, so this obviously a NEW and Improved Mr. Peabody and Sherman….but I couldn’t find the ones from 1960 on YouTubers so this is what we are stuck with.  I suppose Mr. Peabody’s way back machine was new and improved like the Tardis was for the Doctor………..although I happen to like the OLD versions.

What was I talking about anyway?……


OH YEA! Bandog!  It’s just a dog tied up or used as a guard dog because it is so ferocious! …….The explanation takes something away from the coolness of the word though. Somehow before I knew what it meant I had a vision of a dog wearing an Elvis leather jacket and singing Blue Suede Shoes.

Well, I won’t caterwaul about it. Huh? Oh, caterwaul is to cry with etreme loudness and wailing and such……’s a lovely 14th century Scot’s term.  I adore it.

Think of the sound several angry male cats would make standing on a wall at night yowling at each other……….yea, that kind of sound.  THAT is caterwaul.

Maybe I can find a YouTube video of caterwauling! In the meantime, just think about how wonderful it is to see inside the mind of Suze…….

okay, I can HEAR Larry laughing at me….Honestly, Larry, if you wanted erudite ya shoulda gone over to ends and beginnings blog. Now HE writes eruditely!

3 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 7

  1. First thing I thought of for bandog, was a dog playing in a band, too! We hear caterwauling a lot around here, with the outside cats getting into a rumble now and again. 🙂


  2. I’m loving your little snippets of information. That old Willy Shakespeare had a lot to answer for!
    What does Nano Poblano mean? Time for another Suze explanation, please!


    1. NanoPoblano is Rarasaur’s idea of a Novemeber writing challenge for those who fail to write for the big challenge. nanomopblpo or whatever it is. She had a cute chili picture and decided it was a takeoff on the original challenge. I could actually look it up I suppose and give a good and true answer but prefer to blather instead.


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