hopefully this works.nanowhatsits day 8

i’m doing this on a phone…first time so bear with me for a bit. i haven’t a clue how to add a link since i can only open one tiny window at a time, so go check out rarasaur for the original challenge link and those to the other people “playing”.

Oh cool. I figured out how to do a quotation symbol! woot!

I don’t have anything to blog about except my utter inability to access my blog through my server. it is annoying beyond belief to know the blog is there…it is fine…it’s active…and i can’t get in!

Heck I can’t even add my challenge badge to this from my phone.

Who knew there would someday be phones that a person could carry around with them and that still worked! i grew up with a wall-phone. it had a handset that you had to pick up and stick up to your head to listen and speak. The little wire that held it to the wall-base was about six inches long and curly…you couldn’t go anywhere with that sucker.

If you tried, it would yank you backwards like a spring and your head would bonk on the wall.

It was also a place where you would be trapped and your brother or sister could easily find you and demand you stop talking NOW and go do something else. or Mother would wander into the room and smack you on the top of the head to get your attention…………..yea, big time trouble whenever Mother caught us blathering on a phone.

Phones changed..a couple of car phones appeared in the early 70’s. Big suckers that took up half the front seat of limousines (no one but the rich could afford them)…then “cell phones” were introduced.

Big suckers with a huge antenna sticking out the top……….they worked , sort of, but cell phone towers were few and far between.

I got a pager instead of a cell. It would buzz and wiggle whenever you needed to call someone and just the phone number would scroll across its tiny face. Then I’d have to go find a phone somewhere so i could call back whomever was trying to gain my attention.

I had a “flip phone” cell for about ten years. Forget upgrades, I didn’t want them. What a hassle!

Then Gunnar, the dog of my heart, buried my phone in the veggie garden and I had to get this thing that looks like a kindle. Today I actually opened the web thingy on it’s face and clicked in.

I can’t believe how far I have come.

13 thoughts on “hopefully this works.nanowhatsits day 8

  1. I always use my iPhone for my blog. It’s not difficult to add links and images…at least not on my iPhone. Just open different tabs in your phone’s browser, open up the site you want, copy the URL, and paste it into your draft post. For images, take a screenshot and save it to your photos. Then crop the image to meet your needs and insert it into your post. Easy-peasy!


    1. as intelligent as I know I am….all of that was close to speaking in Chinese to me. I appreciate the assistance, but learn by doing stuff. And while my dog is smart enough to make calls I still haven’t figured out where anything is on this thing. I have yet to figure out just where I can open a tab on the browser…which I found today. also….have no clue how to do a screenshot. not even with my computer. lol but bless you for thinking I could manage all of it.


  2. I have just started to try to blog from my phone when the iPad isn’t charged. It takes more time because I don’t type well on the phone. Good luck. We had an old wooden one with a speak into thing on the front and a separate corded receiver. Yes, I’m that old…


    1. my grandma did too! I LOVED that phone! I will not be blogging on the phone again. it kept giving me words that I didn’t want, kept telling me i was supposed to put in punctuation I didn’t want and generally drove me crazy! lol


  3. …..and you know what? With that old crank phone on the wall with 100 people listening in, news traveled from one end of the county to the other in nanoseconds. No need for social media


    1. and life was so much easier when people tlalked about hair length, or did ya know johnny talked back to a teacher and got suspended…instead of “libtards” and “repubes” and “you need shooting you damned ^^^^^” on social media.


      1. Boy the way Glen Miller played
        Songs that made the hit parade.
        Guys like us we had it made,
        Those were the days.


  4. Oooohh the pager times!! I had to get one of those back when I was an ambulance dispatcher… I had to be “joinable” 24/7 for the job. I could have had a cell phone like everybody else, but nooooo! I went the doctors’ way! Talking about that, I’m just wondering why doctors did stick to pagers so long when they were wealthy enough to jump to cell phone technology way before simple mortals like me could even consider it….? Mystery.


    1. maybe because they thought no one else had pagers and it made them cool……..lol


      1. Well, then, I’ve been cool for a couple of years 😛 Mouahahahahahaha


  5. I haven’t tried blogging by phone. I’ve done it once or twice from my Kindle. My desktop computer is what I’m used to all the time. Big keyboard, big monitor screen. I remember rotary dial phones, princess phones, and those push button ones that hung on the wall. We had an extra long curly cord. But…that’s the one that was haunted and flew off all the time (the receiver part) almost hitting us! 🙂


  6. Well done Suze! You are more advanced than I am. I still can’t post from my phone. Or maybe I could, but it’s so fiddly and irritating, I give up after 30 seconds. A PC with a keyboard and mouse is my spirit animal.


    1. i LOVE my pc..my keyboard is cool..huge letters made for tiny fingers and brightly colored! Yes it is a kid’s keyboard. I HATE using the phone! never again! I’ll use my Kindle first!


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