I missed “Chaos Never Dies Day”!

I simply can not believe I missed such a wonderful and fun holiday! Yea, it was yesterday.  All day yesterday I could have enjoyed total chaos and I MISSED IT!

And today is “forget me not” Day……….terrific. It’s like the holidays are smacking me for forgetting Chaos Day! I’m skipping that one and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

After all, what could be better than  “Clean your Refrigerator Day” on the 15th

or “Have a Party with your Bear Day” on the 17th?

Now, I only need to find a Bear to party down with.

I don’t think Oklahoma actually HAS bears. I may need to go visit Cheryl up in Colorado to find a bear….or maybe the zoo will allow me to party with their bears! I can see me now, dressed in a moth-eaten fur coat and carrying a pot of honey…I’d strut right on ito the zoo office and say “I am here to party hardy with the bears!”

Of course, knowing the straight-laced peeps at the Zoo offices, my next stop would be here……

and I’d miss “All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day”. That’s always a hoot.


4 thoughts on “I missed “Chaos Never Dies Day”!

  1. Lol, love this post and the bear


  2. Ooh, I am totally down with Clean Your Refrigerator Day. Just looking at that picture tweaks my OCD bigtime!


    1. i know, right? I have already scheduled a full cleaning of mine. thought I’d take pictures and blog but hate to upset anyone’s stomach!


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