NanoPoblano, day 10

I was asked yesterday, “what’s your theme for that chili pepper blog thing?”  THEME?  I don’t have a theme. I am just babbling about whatever whenever I feel like babbling.  Can babbling be a theme?

Check out Rarasaur’s pages for the blog information. I doubt she said a single word about themes for this challenge.

It just occurred to me that I always stick a “read more’ thingy in the top part of my posts.  I don’t honestly know why anyone would choose to click on that sucker…unless they are annoyed or wondering just why I categorize this nonsense as a “blog”.

It also occurred to me that today is Friday so I should be writing a post about music I love…or hate. Just to introduce people to music they may never have heard before.’

Its another challenge, this time by Fluent Historian. Except now that I think about it, the challenge is a WEDNESDAY challenge.

Well, shoot.

Not even I, in all my vainglorious-ness, can change Wednesday to Friday….so that’s out.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that I have absolutely nothing to blog about, isn’t it?

I’ll try again tomorrow. Go read a good blog post so the day isn’t total dreck.


3 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 10

  1. I sure hope babbling is a theme…


    1. let’s just arbitrarily make it the newest theme! lol


  2. No theme and don’t worry about the day thing. I don’t think many do. Blog what you want when you want is my themeAnd keep blathering, we love it!


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