NanoPoblano, day 11

I bet Rarasaur never saw this one coming when she created this challenge.

Thank you:

Admiral Logan Ramsey, US Navy, WWII, Korea (Uncle)

Capt Logan Ramsey, US Navy, WWII (cousin)

General Robert Kilmartin, US Army, WWI, WWII, KOREA  (Uncle)

Navy Photographer’s Mate, 1st class Richard Paine (Daddy), WWII

Col. John D S Hartline, Sr.  (Dad Hartline), WWII, Korea, VietNam

Lt. Evangeline Hartline (Mom H), US Army Nurse Corps, WWII

Warrant Officer/ Pilot, VietNam: John D Hartline

Spc. George E Hartline, US Army, VietNam era, Capt. US Army Nurse Corps: Desert Storm

Airman Charles Hartline, USAF.

Corp. Richard E Garrett, US Army (son)

and all the men and women who have served to protect this country. You all have my gratitude.


2 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 11

  1. Great list. My father was the oldest of nine kids. Dad and 4 of his brothers served in WW11


    1. I could have gone all the way to the revolutionary war, but couldn’t remember their ranks! lol


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