I just realized……………..

I haven’t written a daily prompter post in almost two weeks! What is WRONG with me? I ALWAYS write a daily prompter post…it’s required…sort of.  Well, drat it all now I have to catch up and do all the words I failed to do for the past….Almost…two weeks! Here goes………………………

The words I missed (gee I wrote ONE post)

black neophyte strut gingerly dancing faint panacea egg neighbors simmer mystery


The Post to catch up

She awoke for the first time since moving into the apartment happy that she had slept all night long.  The neighbors had been blessedly quiet for a change. She showered, the water streaming red down the drain.

She dressed quickly and went into her brightly colored kitchen to make breakfast.  As her egg simmered on the stove she hummed a happy song and danced gingerly around the stove. As the water came to a boil the tune she hummed changed to a hard rock song and she strutted and slid across the room to the beat.

After breakfast she left the apartment to travel to her job downtown. 

Police were in the hallway questioning all her neighbors except the noisy ones next door. They stopped her and said “Miss, we have some questions for you”. She was a neophyte to police questioning and never thought to request a lawyer.

The police, with black expressions said “you need to come downtown with us now. You are under arrest…”.  It was all a mystery to her and she professed her lack of understanding with the question of “what do you think I did, anyway?”

She never noticed the stain of bloody footprints leading to her door.


There it is! One post, every missed word.  And I sincerely hope I never miss that many words again!

9 thoughts on “I just realized……………..

  1. Ewww, crime, drama, even dancing. Woohoo!


    1. I did fiction! woot! glad you liked it….lol


  2. Interesting story, and yay for using all the missed words! 🙂


    1. and I have absolutely NO IDEA where it all came from, either!


  3. Way to fit in all of those missed daily one-word prompts into a single post. Impressive!


  4. Great writing. I have a tough time fitting just one word sometimes. You’re mystery was certainly a panacea for all the missed daily words.


  5. Suze, a see a novel developing. Would you like another list of words?


    1. i am afraid i used up my entire fiction brain-trust on the post today…lol


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