NanoPoblano, day 12

How many days are in November anyway?  I need a calendar.  I keep saying the silly 30 days has September thing from childhood, but since childhood was an eon ago I can’t remember where November goes, or how many days in July. It is almost the 12th, and I am ridiculously awake in the middle of night…so i figured I’d blog a post and get ahead of myself for a change.  Except…………

I’ll be posting this with the scheduler so I won’t actually BE ahead of myself.

That’s a ridiculous statement, isn’t it?  How exactly does one manage to get “ahead” of themselves.  I mean I can get AHOLD of myself…but since I can’t occupy two entirely separate spaces at the same time, that idiom is just…well…idiotic!

Great….now I have forgotten what I was going to talk about and instead have stupid and/or impossible to achieve idioms in my head.

My Mother used to raise her voice at us (her children, when we were children) whenever we’d slam the screen door on our way in or out.  She’d yell “were you born in a barn?”…now I don’t know about you, but I can not remember where I was born.  I mean, really! I have no memory of my own birth at all. So how were we supposed to answer her? I once said “don’t YOU remember where I was born?” and got smacked for it.  So I knew that was not a smart response.

When she got totally out of control she’d scream for us to “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about”…and sometimes after telling us to “be QUIET”  or “Don’t talk BACK!”…she’d yell “Answer me”  when a question had not been asked………… it any wonder I think in circular ways?

I once asked when I would be allowed to ride my bike without training wheels……Mother said “when pigs fly”.  I started looking for flying pigs.  It took at least a year for me to realize what she meant. of course, the first day the trainers were OFF the bike I flew down the street, rammed into the back of Mr. Nuckles’ car and broke my arm.  I probably should have waited for those pigs.





rarasaur, the person responsible for all these blog posts……




5 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 12

  1. 30 days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31 except for February which is screwed up every 4 years. And now about “flying pigs”….it’s an adynaton.


    1. OMG! Someone who knows what an Adynaton is!!!!!!!!!!! I think it’s that ‘except for february” part that throws me off. You start with poetry and end with an excuse? really? There has to be a better way.


      1. My brain is my excuse. It works in gushers of genius and then just falls off into drips of mediocrity.


      2. mine does the same. George has been telling me it is a sign of senile dementia…I told him I’ve been doing this sort of thinking since high school…he said “i rest my case”. haven’t a clue what he actually means by that but i refuse to ask. lol


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