NanoPoblano, day 13

Halfway through and I still don’t have a “theme” for this challenge…………………

I just typed a whole bunch of stuff that completely failed to show up here.  Haven’t a clue where it went, but since it was just dreck anyway, I am not going to go look for it. If it all miraculously appears upon hitting that tiny “publish” key, then I will accept the fact that the puter is haunted.

Do you ever type words then have them disappear all willy-nilly?  I do. I’ve looked for them before…spent literally hours searching through the blog posts and through my puter documents…and have never found any of them.  I am pretty sure they are still here somewhere though.

My son once told me “once it’s in the computer, Mom, you can’t ever get rid of it. Deleting just means YOU don’t see it”.

So, I figure all that previous blather is here somewhere.

2 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 13

  1. Your sons words could either be a good thing or…


    1. i know…………….i just won’t ask him.


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