the word’o’the’day is RIFF……………………

The lovely word’o’the’day is riff.  Riff. RIFF.  Yea, it doesn’t get any better by capitalizing any of the letters either.  Riff.

Should I speak of old movies with characters named Riff? that would cover maybe two movies and four written lines.

There would be Riff from West Side Story, that bundle of nerves and meanness of a punk that kills his best friend’s girlfriend’s brother………..oh dear lord. That sounded like a soap opera!

Riff is in the yellow jacket.  When I was younger I thought he was such a punk because they made him wear a yellow jacket.

Then there is Riff Raff, the alien that is Rocky’s butler in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I love Rocky Horror…and can spout out each and every line of the film and all the lyrics of each song verbatim. Yes, I was a Rocky’s girl in my youth.  My friends and I would attend the film every single Friday at midnight (Grauman’s Chinese showed it for four years without ever missing a Friday)

Grauman’s chinese

Other than those two I don’t know of any others named Riff.

GUITAR riff! I don’t know why it took so long of me to think of that! My brother Stu is a guitarist…or he was.  He played classical more than anything else in the time of hard rock..he even made an album ( I think I was the only person that ever bought one).

It was named after Borodin’s Polovitsian dances…”on the steppes of central Asia”. I love that music. 


2 thoughts on “the word’o’the’day is RIFF……………………

  1. Suze, that’s beautiful. Thank you. We are destroying all the peaceful, soul-feeding places, aren’t we?


    1. i am trying so hard to keep finding the soul-feeding places. I will keep on doing so as long as others are tearing apart the country with their stupidity and hatred. Music helps enormously, and Borodin is a master.


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