NanoPoblano, day 15

Cheer Peppers

Halfway through the challenge, and people are still reading this dreck! I am bloody amazed actually. Today I feel introspective and content with life. The television is off, the radio is playing soft Borodin, and I am cooking.

The days here in Enid are getting shorter, and colder.  Every morning now there is frost on the ground and a nip to the air.  Canadian geese are winging their way in a southerly direction, honking to keep the rank and file in a perfect formation.

The cats are wearing their winter fur coats now, and spend most of their time sleeping curled up on the porch swing.  Every now and then one wakes, stretches and wanders out front to chase falling leaves.

The dogs are hanging around inside..only going out as absolutely necessary.  it makes me feel as if winter is going to be a hard one to get through.

We’ve been blessed the last two years with mild winters, only having a day or two in late February having to deal with freezing temps and sleet or snow.

I found myself yesterday pulling quilts and afghans out of summer storage and airing them for soon to be daily use.

My thoughts of foods tend to go to thick soups, chilies and winter casseroles now.  I have a pot of multi-bean soup on to boil as I write.

The scent of onions, garlic, and tomatoes is wafting through the house and making everyone hungry even though we all just ate.  It takes hours to cook a good bean soup, and have all the assorted flavors blend into something wonderful.

Later, I will begin baking for the holidays.  The fruit cakes, pies and cookies that my family associate with the holiday seasons. This year will probably be the last for the fancy fruit cakes…I think perhaps a chocolate-cherry one this year. It is getting more difficult to see the fruits I chop, and harder to read my old family recipes written in pale blue ink on tiny cardstock.

I am wondering how long before the cataracts completely shut off the sights of my world. Will I still be able to see next year? The year after?  There’s nothing to be done until I can qualify through aging into the government insurance.  I almost accept that blindness will be my fate before then.

I read books by the thousands while I still can.  I realize that the kindle I won has saved me from no books at all as I can adjust the visuals for easier reading.  I am most grateful to this blog site for introducing me to Aidan Reid who hosted the contest to win the Kindle.

Every now and then I wonder just how long I will be able to express myself through this blog. However long it is, I will cherish the time spent.


3 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 15

  1. And we’ll enjoy time spent with you, Madame Suze 🙂 xx


  2. Lovely is not a word I usually use in commenting on your blogs but I have to make an exeption. Such a warm beautiful picture you paint. Audible books are promoted by my son, but I only tried them once in the hospital. I listened to Chuck Yeagers bio. I had read it before, but that wasn’t feasible in the hospital at the time. Good luck with the eyes. Surely there will be some sort of clinic that would allow monthly payments? I love fruitcake, but not with a lot of citron. Each year I buy a tiny one to snack on.


    1. the only place I may have surgery at a lowered cost is through the university…where a first year medical student does the work under supervision. no guarantees that sight will be restored, and 2000 bucks. don’t think so. The fruitcakes i make never have citron. that stuff is gross. I used candied fresh fruits (I candy them myself). will have to check out some audiobooks…i read faster than they can talk i think!


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