NanoPoblano, day 16 : Book review

Cheer Peppers

NanoPoblano, day 16.

I’ve just finished one of the funniest books I have ever read! It is a fantasy book (I dislike fantasy for the most part).  But THIS book is one written by fellow blogger, Aidan J Reid, so I had to read it.

I first noticed Aidan here on WordPress about a two years ago.  He was then in South America somewhere writing books and was thinking about going back home to Ireland.  I have been following his frustrations and joys as his books have started selling and his writing has become deeper…sometimes darker.

He just released on Amazon the first short story of a collection called “The Rot: Origin of the Feces”.

I agreed to write a review…an HONEST review and in exchange was able to download his book at no charge from Amazon.  Now, I do adore a bargain, and to me there is no better bargain than a free book.

Well, I finished his book…and read it again!  I loved the dark humor of it. Several times I laughed out loud…so loudly that my dog Gunnar leapt off the sofa barking madly! George came in a few times to see if I was really choking or just trying to be quiet while laughing myself to death.

The one liner description for this book would probably be : “The tooth fairy’s nefarious scheme to be the best collector. Guard your children well.”

I can hardly wait for the next story in Aidan’s new series!

This e-book is for sale today for less than $1.00 US. For heaven’s sake, go buy one before he charges full price! You will NOT regret it.

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