NanoPoblano, day 17

Day 17 of the month long challenge. I had the weirdest dream early this morning. I tend to have some pretty odd dreams, but this one just seemed so ridiculous, even to my sleeping self, that I woke up yelling “Oh, come on, that’s stupid!”.  The cat wasn’t impreased by my yelling and lurching upright awakening…he yowled and shot off the end of the bed as if it were on fire.

It all started, I am sure, with a mushroom. I love portabello mushrooms, and I ate one last night at dinner. Now, even though I love them, the mushrooms hate me.  I have never had a good reaction to the consumption of them.  I continue though to hope that ‘this time” will turn out differently. (Yes, Larry, that IS the definition of insanity).

Back to the dream though.  I had fallen asleep after much tossing and turning…that silly mushroom gave me an upset stomach so it took a while to relax into slumber.  I don’t have a clue about most of the night.  But towards 5 am I must have begun the dream.  I was floating along the top of a pink cloud.  I remember thinking I sure do like this dress. It was one I had sewn for a renaissance festival customer and I loved it…I couldn’t wear it though as I was at least 10 sizes larger than my customer was..but in my dream, there I was.  A lovely princess type floating along.

Suddenly my dog Gunnar appeared in front of me and said “Suze, feed me now or I eat the cat”. I said “oh go ahead and eat the cat, I’m busy being a princess”.  Gunnar said “alrighty then”, pulled out a tiny rifle and shot into the distance.  I yelled “you’re too young to hunt”.  Gunnar then morphed into Bugs Bunny and said “listen here, Suze. You should have taken a left in Albuquerque”.

I suddenly found myself floating left and was in a jungle picking up figs off the ground where monkeys were dropping them. The figs were really sticky and I was having a hard time picking them up without additional leaves and/or dirt sticking to them.  So I poured a beer over the figs (no, I don’t know where he beer came from) and they dissolved.

The monkeys were quite obviously upset the figs had dissolved, screeched at me and grew wings.

They started flying down towards me just like towards Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  I am pretty sure they were the same monkeys actually.

Except…were the monkeys in the Wizard of Oz wearing fez?


Mine were wearing fedoras. Must have been different monkeys. One large monkey took off his hat and bowed towards me while saying “Well met, Suze. Engarde!” and drew a sword…at which point I yelled “oh come on, that’s stupid” and woke myself up…and startled the cat.

Now, if by some odd chance you dear readers interpret dreams???? PLEASE don’t. I really do NOT want to know what this dumb dream is trying to tell me.  I would so much rather remain ignorant of why a monkey would wear a fedora. The ONLY person one ever looked good on was Jimmy Stewart.


9 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 17

  1. Suze, you crack me up! Anyone who eats mushrooms before bed deserves to have bad dreams. But, I think the fedora is an underlying fear that you have of monkeys dressed up like dancing Gypsies doing the can-can to the music of JImi Hendrix while smoking pot. Oh no. that was my dream when I used to get high. Some of us are sicker than others.


    1. sounds just like one I used to have! LOL


      1. Yeah, and Jimi Hendrix was naked, right?


      2. yep..horrible visual but there he was in all his…um…”glory”??? lol


      3. Gosh, nightmares for years. No, not surprised by the lighters, but now that you made an issue of it, why 2 lighters?


      4. um, there are three. I picked them up out of parking lots. I figured driving over one was a bad idea….


  2. That was one crazy dream, and you even scared the cat! You’re sure the mushroom you ate wasn’t a ‘magic’ mushroom? 🙂


  3. Absolutely….everybody knows that driving over lighters in the parking lot is bad luck….just like sitting under pigeons in the park.


  4. This would make a good movie!


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