NanoPoblano, day 18

It’s barely a week until Thanksgiving, and I think it is appropriate to get rid of any negative thoughts or feelings before the big day. Now, how exactly i am going to do that I haven’t a clue.

First of all there is a TON of negativity about our Government (or lack thereof).  Every day there are more and more reasons to seriously consider emigration to Freezingland or a place further south………personally, I think I’d like further south as we could absolutely afford it on social security alone…but my Spanish..well, it sucks. Of course, I am fluent in Spanish in comparison to my French.

Then, after wading through all the negativity about the government, there are the religious righters who are beyond annoying and have moved fully into “smack the crap out of them”.  The only problem with their occupying “smack the crap out of them” is that it is illegal to do so. I look pretty bad in a jumpsuit and orange just isn’t my color. Three reasons just to try and let the negativity flow away from me before a holiday.

To add to the “how in heck do I get in a good” moodiness, BOTH my idiot sons are having “marital” difficulties.  Why in heck and tarnation can’t they act up one at a time? And WHY do they have to act like idiots in the first place? Not the boys, but their wives…  What ever happened to trying to talk things out?  or use a frying pan across the noggin if you act the idiot? I think hitting a recalcitrant spouse on the noggin should be an allowable offence.  I guess it’s a good thing I am not in charge.

Now, seriously, it is my son’s problems…not mine. Not my back, not my monkey…or something like that.

But all these things are annoying and I am “supposed’ to act thankful for stuff in just six days!

AND, I hate turkey.  I don’t just dislike turkey…I mean it isn’t like chicken or duck which I could take or leave…it’s turkey.  It’s dry (except for the legs). It’s too freakin big. When cooking, there is an atmospheric fog of miasmic odoriferous-ness that takes weeks to dissipate! Everyone (or no-one) wants the danged drumsticks. Why are they called drumsticks anyway? Stupid name for a leg if ya ask me. They aren’t shaped like drumsticks..they are shaped like legs.  And if you tried beating a drum with them, they’d leave a greasy mess on the drum..not to mention the smack Mom would give someone for playing with their food. 

I’m just not in the mood to be thankful ……, that isn’t exactly correct.  I AM thankful for a bunch of things…my home, heat, food, the hubby, the idiot animals…I just hate being told WHEN to be thankful.

George just asked what I am snarking about…..and I told him…………and he said “change the name of the holiday Suze”

So, I did.  “Thanksgiving” is now (and forever more shall be) known as

Wretched Thursday!

8 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, day 18

  1. I agree with you about the turkey. With just the 2 of us here, a whole turkey is too big, and we aren’t that fond of it anyway. Have you tried the little Cornish Game Hens? They are good, and just the right size. 🙂


    1. we do the Cornish hens about once a month here. I love them…George just thinks they are tiny chickens. lol


  2. You have a great husband Suze, lucky girl! I like the stuffing best and always liked my sweet potatoes, not really the marshmallowed ones. I can forego the green bean casserole which is my middle sons favorite and pumpkin pie doesn’t agree with me….okay who started this anyway? At least my mood is better than yesterday. Cover dry turkey with gravy if you have to.


    1. if I never have to eat turkey again it will be too soon. George has put up with hawaiian pizza, chicken, lasagna and cornish hens at thanksgiving 9for me). this year it will be a beef pot roast. lol


  3. Suze, now pay attention to your buddy Larry……drag your ass to a meeting. Oh, and have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, do a ham for dinner with milk gravy, fried sweet potatoes and cheesecake. Works for me. Forget the cranberry sauce, it’s highly overrated.


    1. honey…I attend (and actually pay attention to) meetings every wednesday and Saturday…….lol….some days I just want to vent! I make my own cranberry crap…it has oranges in it..and pecans. It’s actually great.


      1. I understand, wasn’t taking your inventory…..I made a cranberry salad a while back that had oranges and walnuts. Yuuuum


      2. oh I know………….I just wanted to brag a bit. roflmao


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